97Lin Dan derailed pregnant man derailed should not forgive Sohu -|Lin Dan derailed pregnant man derailed should not forgive Sohu -6

Lin Dan derailed: pregnant man derailed should not forgive? Sohu maternal and fetal pregnancy derailed men should not forgive? Wen Xu read the news on his wife Lin Dan Kenny pregnancy derailed the news couldn’t believe it happened too suddenly, but also to the more pregnant mother reminder. Pregnancy derailed her husband seems to have become a lot of marriage can not escape unscathed, like the original article derailed also in Ma when pregnant second child?. So often people will say: why men so shameless, hateful. His pregnant is very painful, he had played cheating, not really people! Wife during pregnancy derailed husband news everywhere, not only is the star couple will encounter, ordinary couples will have. Since Xiao Hong is pregnant, she has always felt suspicious, a woman outside husband. It is said that a woman’s intuitive, with this a few weeks of her husband’s evening, she obviously felt wrong. In the past, men are busy, she will take the time to accompany her to go to the hospital for a check. And now, her husband will always be a variety of reasons to send her. Xiao Hong knew that his from pregnancy hasn’t had her husband and husband, although as she demands, but she was afraid of not good for children will be rejected. After the husband began to deliberately hide her, occasionally will not go home at night. Xiao Hong is very frustrated, will her husband really because this ignore her? Due to the late pregnancy, her mother came to take care of these days, her husband come back earlier, but every time I come back to go to her there, two people are always grumbling that for a long time. On one occasion, Xiao Hong overheard the conversation between the two people simply mad. The original mother had found her husband derailed things, this time to try to persuade her husband, and the woman quickly broke off a good day. Xiao Hong emotional collapse, broke into the house, her mother-in-law and husband instantly stunned. Xiao Hong dumped her husband two slap, angrily said: "you this man has no conscience, I have been pregnant, you are good, because that would betray me, betrayed the family. You’re too much. It’s not a date. Divorce. And don’t have kids." Then, Xiao Hong ready to leave home, she can potbellied where to go? Mother seeing, Xiao Hong pulled his son to beg for mercy plea. "Red ah, you don’t angry, it is not good for children. His problem, I will go to say him, now you have to take good care of yourself, don’t angry body." Where can Xiao Hong bear the air, hands slapping belly and said: "your son is counting on me to give him a child, dreaming, I do not, I will go to divorce, immediately remove this child." Xiao mother hurried to open the red hand, exclaimed: "you gas can not take the child’s life a joke, you also want to do the mother of the person, the child is innocent." Xiao Hong has been out of control, can be careless with. But her mother’s words to wake up her, yes, she was going to be a mother, and this is the well-being and look forward to things, but now how it will evolve into this? She was right before the suspect, because a lot of things are not easy to get pregnant, and her husband is not only considerate, but also because of those things and betrayal of their own. She can not accept, why their hard pregnant, in exchange for y

35Shenzhen Sonata nine highest preferential 25 thousand car in panic buying|Shenzhen Sonata nine highest preferential 25 thousand car in panic buying8

The Shenzhen market promotion time Sonata nine highest preferential 25 thousand cars in 2015 models: 2016.9.8-2016.09.15 panic buying 1.6TGDi GLX leading the Hyundai Phoenix car price information news: Recently, Phoenix area editor learned from Beijing modern Shenzhen Sony 4S stores in Longgang, Beijing Hyundai Sonata nine models offer 36 thousand yuan, the shop has a small car in the sale. Interested in this car friends may wish to pay more attention to. Please see the table below: the latest price quotation SuoNaDa unit: million model guidance price discount inventory situation 2016 2.0L hybrid HE 20.98 intelligent inquiry 20.98 0 small car 2016 2.0L hybrid 22.98 HS leading 22.98 inquiry of 0 small car 2016 2.0L hybrid HL luxury 24.98 24.98 0 small inquiry car 2015 1.6TGDi GS fashion type 17.98 15.48 inquiry of 2.50 small car 2015 1.6TGDi 19.48 16.98 GLS intelligent inquiry of 2.50 small car 2015 1.6TGDi GLX 20.78 18.28 leading inquiry of 2.50 small car 2015 1.6TGDi DLX distinguished type 21.78 19.28 inquiry of 2.50 small car 2015 1.6TGDi GX comfortable type 18.68 16.18 inquiry of 2.50 small car 2015 2.0GDi GLS intelligent 17.48 14.98 inquiry of 2.50 small car 2015 2.4GDi DLX distinguished type 21.78 19.28 inquiry of 2.50 small car 2015 2.4GDi 22.78 20.28 LUX supreme inquiry of 2.50 small car 2015 2.4GDi TOP flagship 24.98 22.48 inquiry of 2.50 small car more concessions please contact the dealer free consultation telephone: September 8, 0755848649882016 market tab: Phoenix car 2015 Hyundai Sonata 1.6TGDi GLX leading financial policy: the price of insurance, 249 thousand and 800 Sonata nine 2015 2.4L TOP flagship version of the model as an example, the first car insurance costs 8 thousand yuan. Loans, according to the central bank’s benchmark interest rate down payment of three years, down payment of about 106 thousand yuan, about $5 thousand for the month. Specific costs based on models to store accounting prevail. Maintenance fee: Nine Sonata models enjoy five years or 100 thousand kilometers entire)