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Eat egg can lose weight? Pregnant mother goose to eat good fetal? – maternal pregnant women to eat goose goose benefits Sohu is a nutritional supplement, good for pregnant women is rich in protein, pregnant women eat goose, the nutrients will be absorbed by the body, on fetal growth and development is very favorable, we have the following specific look at what the nutritional value of eggs. With rich nutrition, 1 egg, such as protein, fat, minerals and vitamins etc.. Contains 2 protein, egg, the largest and most important is the protein in egg white protein and egg yolk in vitellin. Protein is rich in the human body must be a variety of amino acids, is a complete protein, easy digestion and absorption of the human body. 3, and most of the fat concentrated in the yolk, contains more lecithin, about half of them have a major role in lecithin, these components of the human brain and nerve tissues. 4, the main minerals contained in the egg yolk, more iron, phosphorus and calcium content, is easily absorbed by the body. 5, eggs are also rich in vitamins, rich in vitamin A, D, E, riboflavin and thiamine in egg yolk protein, the vitamin riboflavin and niacin are necessary these vitamins is the body’s vitamin. Pregnant women to eat goose benefits: first child skin better, not easy to suffer from skin diseases, scientists compared the egg and egg and duck’s egg, found that compared to other eggs, the nutritional value of the goose up several times, and the effect is very obvious. Goose egg white with dispelling heat, but also can treat acne, so pregnant women in the postpartum period and during pregnancy the goose egg, the future is not easy to children suffering from skin diseases, and the child’s skin will be getting better and better, delicate and smooth. Second: enhance memory study found that during pregnancy and confinement during taking egg can effectively enhance memory. Due to the relationship of pregnancy, many women’s body changes more sensitive and the surrounding environment has become more sensitive, so prone to depressed mood and memory decline. To alleviate the symptoms, so the egg and sugar stir after the break, when fasting every morning, eating a steamed egg, can enhance memory effectively, and also can keep have good ears and eyes. Third: the egg contains a lot of amino acid supplementation in maternal need of various amino acids and vitamins, riboflavin and thiamine, and various minerals content is also very rich. These materials have a very important role for the normal operation of the body, while other food is rich in these nutrients, but the amino acid is completely contained in the egg and belongs to protein, minerals and vitamins are stored in egg yolk, very easy to be absorbed by the body, can obtain the maximum the body of nutrition. So, the postpartum period and during pregnancy are able to take the goose. However, special attention is needed, although on the body is very a goose.相关的主题文章:

Washing machine under the shadow of a class action lawsuit in the shadow of the Samsung Note7 applia-vy canis majoris

Washing machine by collective action Note7 under the shadow of the Samsung home appliances overall crisis for Samsung, the autumn of this year is "an eventful year". Mobile phone Note 7 bombing continued fermentation has not stopped, the day before, because Samsung washing machine explosion by foreign users of collective complaints. According to the insiders, for Samsung Note 7 explosion damage, in addition to mobile phone sales plummeted, the long term brand more damage, but also affect other business lines, especially the related category of home appliances consumer electronic products. Already in "whether Samsung home appliances will be in the domestic trouble and foreign invasion" mobile phone’s footsteps, has become a new focus of the industry. Washing machine was a class action lawsuit recently, the United States more than a consumer has filed a class action lawsuit against Samsung in a federal court in New Jersey. The main reason for the lawsuit is that users in the use of Samsung washing machine when a violent explosion. Court documents show that a female consumers in Dallas, Georgia, described the explosion sounds "like a bomb", and Macallan, a Texas female consumers said the explosion heavily, even in her garage wall to blow up. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a statement before the day, that he had received a number of Samsung uncovery type washing machine (washing machine) explosion report, currently on measures in discussions with samsung. Samsung in the English official website also pointed out that the influence of the washing machine only cover type washing machine production before April 18, 2016, the front cover of drum washing machine is not affected. As for the latest progress of the washing machine accident, and whether it relates to other countries and regions, the Beijing daily news reporter consulted SamSung China related media personnel, said it has not received the relevant notification. It is understood that the Samsung washing machine explosion is different from its mobile phone battery explosion. Class action lawsuit pointed out that the washing machine used to support the rod is not enough to fix the drum, in the laundry process may be loose, so that the washing machine disintegrated. Appliance business due to the fact that the recall of home appliances because of defects is not surprising, large household electrical appliance manufacturers have basically had a recall experience, the recall will not generally cause particularly bad influence on the enterprise. But this is not the case for Samsung, because Samsung is due to the explosion of Note 7 is a global concern. Industry observers Hong Shibin pointed out that the Note 7 explosion accident repeatedly originally let consumers do not trust the Samsung brand, at this juncture, washing machine explosion accident is undoubtedly add fuel to the flames will further affect other business, Samsung, especially the home appliance business. Samsung mobile phone has a pivotal position, but also an important basis for home appliance business samsung. You know in all Samsung consumer electronics business, the first ascent of the global market is not a mobile phone, but flat-panel tv. However, in the past few years, in the light of the development of Samsung mobile phone, Samsung home appliances business has begun to decline, while Samsung Note 7 and washing machine explosion, will undoubtedly make the situation worse. About Samsung home appliances the business accounting, Samsung in earnings has not explicitly given to the outside world, has been silent. However, according to an industry analyst pointed out that the Samsung home appliance business, television is the core of the sale of text相关的主题文章:

Pediatrician mother what causes the baby amputation The truth surprises you –

Pediatrician mother: what causes the baby amputation? The truth makes you surprised – Sohu mother and child into the fall and winter seasons, with the temperature decreased, some parents can give advice to the baby wearing gloves. There have been media reports, mother to newborn baby’s hand wearing gloves, a few days did not come off, thread around fingers blocked blood circulation, causing necrosis of finger amputation. Once, we also encountered the baby’s toes, genitalia are lint, hair, rubber band…… this phenomenon is called hair tourniquet syndrome (Hair Tourniquet Syndrome), is the end of limbs is hair, thread tightly, into the flesh, leading to a clinical phenomenon of injury pain. Common in the baby’s fingers, toes, genitalia, severe limb ischemia and necrosis require amputation. This situation often occurs in young children, especially in June before the age of the baby, because they can not express, the accident is often because of the negligence of parents. Therefore, peacetime life, parents should be vigilant, timely attention to understand the baby’s reaction. Mother asked, mommy a small shrimp Q: newborn gloves is the need? A: many parents think the baby eat dirty hands, or worried about your baby’s nails will face to scratch, or worry about the baby’s hands exposed cool…… parents worry that the mood is understandable, but in fact there is no need to, first of all, the development of fine motor wear gloves prevent baby’s second, will interfere with the baby touch the development of. Baby sucking fingers can promote the growth of the cerebral cortex, you can suck fingers in the process of developing action, understanding the body, explore the outside world. Sucking fingers, appears to be very simple, but contains a hand eye coordination, finger differentiation and a series of capacity development. In the hands of the process, the baby will slowly realize that the "hand" is "I" part of the body, and gradually to distinguish between the body and the outside world, so baby clean hands to eat it. If you are worried about the baby’s nails in the face, you can often cut your nails. A young baby can sleep after the baby will trim. Infants and young children limb temperature is relatively low, when the room temperature is low, you can give the baby to wear longer clothes, or appropriate to improve indoor temperature. Parents should pay attention to clothes to frequently check whether the thread parents should pay attention to the baby’s clothing, be sure to check the good, especially the purchase of new clothes, the excess thread cut after cleaning to give the baby to wear, prevent thrum wound accident. Baby boys need to pay more attention to the external genitalia, if you find a baby often accompanied by scratching and crying, please help to check immediately. Also note that the baby socks inside the head easily toes will be wrapped, safety can be wearing socks. Timely treatment of hair loss is very important mothers postpartum hair loss will be normal (postpartum hair loss is a normal physiological phenomenon). Hair loss is very easy to wrap around the baby’s toes or fingers, and often difficult to find by parents. Mother’s hair is usually the best tie up, especially in the treasure.相关的主题文章:

University of cycling! Inner Mongolia guy 20 days riding more than 1 thousand and 600 kilometers

University of cycling! Inner Mongolia guy 20 days riding more than 1 thousand and 600 km network red data in the past few days, the Qingdao Technological University Qindao college campus fire a guy riding. Just over eighteen years old, he came from Inner Mongolia, Baotou to report, which lasted for 20 days, riding a distance of more than 1 thousand and 600 kilometers, he is a new member of the Department of economics and trade, Zhang Tiancheng, class 2016. Reporter Sheffi correspondent Song Jingjing yelia ride go "riding" seem to be born with a youthful romance, and Zhang Tiancheng said, riding to school is a whim father — "my dad if I always play computer". In August 10th, the father and the son a mountain bike, starting from Baotou. Today, the color of the skin is much darker than the average person, and he smiled and said, I was not so black!" Before starting, Zhang and his father Tiancheng prepared, they carry the glue, fix the tire inflator, hammock and other gadgets. Zhang Tiancheng’s mother is prepared sufficient medicines have Huoxiangzhengqi water, Yunnan Baiyao, iodophor, gauze, cold medicine, "God take care of us, all the way all the medicine had never opened!" Zhang Tiancheng said with a smile. Zhang Tiancheng and his father riding do not spell speed, less than 8 every morning to start, the most late to the afternoon of 5 when the rest. The father and the son on the road with a small box, have kept their father and son love songs. Chapter day said: "my dad’s physical strength is not good, but he has been slowly hold on, let me feel particularly at ease, my dad!" Asked if he has not thought of giving up, Zhang Tiancheng said, "I put the whole decomposition into smaller goals one by one, one by one to achieve, not so much pressure." I firmly determined to ride chapter Tiancheng said, along the way, the biggest trouble is the repair, because the tools and technology limited, sometimes takes a few hours. However, the most talked about is the way he met happy things. Go to Beijing, Tianjin, but also to the city to stroll around, I particularly like the Nankai University, look at these universities have determined my determination." August 26th arrived in Binzhou, because the father home went home early, Tiancheng chapter alone ride to Qingdao. Talk about the riding the greatest feeling, chapter Tiancheng frankly, "now a bicycle ride on the vomiting, not the recent!" Zhang Tiancheng told us that the ride is still dangerous, along the way there are a number of very fast to open a large truck wiped me over, very scary. Some roads are not particularly good, there are some dangerous." One day and the chapter said, "you fire!" Zhang Tiancheng doesn’t think so. On the road, my father would always send a circle of friends, I think there is no need!" In August 28th, Zhang Tiancheng arrived at the border of Qingdao, he made this way only a circle of friends, with the text of only six words – "no words of excitement". At noon on August 29th, he successfully came to Qindao college. Mentioned the plans for the next four years, the day said, hope to find their love of things, a little bit to do, like riding like this. For example, always wanted to learn the guitar, you can learn it." He said, "if the entrance examination, or will go to school by bike)相关的主题文章:

Fall to crisp toast little high calorie supplement energy! – Sohu to eat and

Fall to crisp toast little high calorie supplement energy! Sohu and a lot of friends love to eat toast, but every time to eat how to do? Do you remember the golden toast I shared with you before? This time I have you add new eat, taste a little heavy high calorie garlic toast. The approach is very simple, easy to operate, non fried healthy food, is also very convenient to carry out the first few snacks Oh! Zhang Chengpin map, look is not very tempting? Haha… Practice: melt butter in hot water with garlic onion mixture poured into the butter, mix butter if you feel heat, can be replaced with olive oil or other odorless vegetable oil, but it is certainly not so fragrant Oh with butter! A piece of toast cut, average cut about 6 and then placed in a circle rolling butter, the butter stick liquid put into the oven, green onion, garlic in the oven, on the fire of 165 degrees, bake for 15 minutes, remove and cool slightly edible baked toast best clothes eat again, but do not eat too much easy to get angry! Method: 20151022 n423883889.shtml with plain toast相关的主题文章:

Xie Fuzhan met with the National People’s Congress production safety law enforcement inspection team-e2140

Xie Fuzhan met with the national law enforcement inspection group’s safety production line – Henan channel — reporter (reporter Zhu Dianyong) October 13th, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, the provincial people’s Congress Chairman Xie Fuzhan met with vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the twelfth NPC Standing Committee Chairman Aili of the National People’s Congress in Zhengzhou? The production safety of Ming Bahai led law enforcement inspection group line. Xie Fuzhan behalf of Henan provincial Party committee, the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial government of Aili? Ming Bahai line to Henan to carry out law enforcement inspection of production safety welcome to the National People’s Congress has been the concern and support the work of Henan expressed gratitude, and briefly introduced the economic and social development in Henan. He said that in recent years, Henan fully implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen and eighteen third, fourth, fifth plenary session, thoroughly implement the spirit of the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series and guidance Henan research work, to play "four cards", to the development of industries as the leading and promoting the optimization of industrial structure with the construction of independent innovation system, plays a leading role to promote innovation driven development, to strengthen the infrastructure construction, leading to advance cultivate new development advantages, promote new urbanization human centered, and actively implement the five national strategy, efforts to deepen reform and opening up, to further promote the supply side structural reform, the cause has made great progress, economy and society to maintain stable and rapid development. Xie Fuzhan said that the current Henan is in a stable economic growth, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the critical period, the development of more risks, production safety supervision and control tasks. Henan in accordance with the central deployment and requirements of the production safety law, will always stick to the red line, the development of safety and protect people’s lives and property safety as a political task, strengthen the construction of legislation, establish and perfect the mechanism of development of safety system, implement the party with responsibility, a pair of responsibility, to strengthen production safety supervision and inspection, the province’s production safety situation continues to maintain a steady improvement in the situation. We will take this examination as an opportunity to further enhance the safety production work, and promote the construction of peace Henan new achievements. Hope that the inspection team to Henan production safety and other aspects of the work more valuable advice and suggestions to help us do the work better. Aili? Ming Bahai describes the situation of the law enforcement inspection, in Henan has achieved achievements in economic and social development and the implementation of the production safety law and other aspects of the work affirmed. He said that the Henan provincial government attaches great importance to the work of production safety, production safety work, a strong sense of responsibility to implement effective measures, for 13 consecutive years of total accidents and deaths "double down", as a major economic province and a large population, and the country’s major transportation hub, this achievement is not easy. We hope that Henan will continue to strengthen and improve the supervision of law enforcement, strengthen rural grassroots security prevention and control, more experience and effectiveness, and comprehensively improve the security capabilities. Provincial leaders Li Wenhui, Liu Mancang, and Zhang Weining attended the meeting. (Wang Pei, Yang Xiaona: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章:

Beijing metro line four, a beautiful mother cry book train – Sohu-aapt.exe

Beijing metro line four, a beautiful picture book train cry – Sohu mother on September 27th morning, a truck loaded with the elegant line 4 subway train from QiaoBei Railway Station exit ontario. It is Beijing’s first children’s book subway train, 6 cars with all the picture material decoration, beauty cry. This carriage pattern is not very familiar?? Look carefully, this is not the children’s book published by the children’s book! The pattern of the floor from the "Little Golden Book" the story of "good night," this is a bear, from "Little Golden Book" in the "shy kitten". Why "Little Golden Book" will appear on this bus? In order to promote the original reading, the sixth book Chinese · Beijing reading season to MTR and the National Library, together to create this car picture book train. This car decoration material selection Chinese selected the top60 children’s book fair child Shubang on the list of "Little Golden Book", "", "summer" underground, "tree" and other classic Tingting selling children’s books and Feng Zikai’s works, the role of "the geo hall essay" and other works of children’s books the scenes and illustrations. The child sitting in the car was attracted! This train passengers is this: sweep the two-dimensional code on the body, you can also enter the subway — M · Library Book Museum (National Digital Library), experts recommend bibliography body can show full free reading. Access to the theme of the library, but also to understand the development of Chinese children’s books century. This car is full of childlike innocence the subway every day will run 5 times a month (September 27th -10 26). Hope that the pro good luck in Beijing, sitting on the car is also a small indeed fortunate. Micro-blog: @ Lin Tong children’s Library contribution cooperation: genglinbook@163 read sharing QQ group: 77897018 forest farming issue Tel: 010-57241768 reprint please contact us相关的主题文章:

The old man hit the car up strongly denied the night

The night falls hit in late October 9th 11:03 denied Chelsea wake up, Mr. Zhou calls: Hangzhou Kaixuan Road No. 168, a 75 year old man with somnambulism, at night falls, falling from the five floor, hit a car, people rushed to the Red Cross hospital. Reporter Luo Chuanda verification report: 168 triumph Road, there are 3 residential buildings. Uncle is from 1 buildings falls 5 floor fall down. Downstairs to stop a new Skoda car. Yesterday afternoon, a sanitation worker in the cleaning of the window glass residue. The man fell from the 5 floor, I saw the scene, as if on the 2 floor of the cage on the flick, and the cable hanging up, and then hit the car glass." The sanitation workers looked up to the 5 floor of a small window, remain perplexed despite much thought, "great! So much older, 5 floor fell, normal people had gone……" This district elderly people. When an elderly falls, uncle opened the window and said in a loud voice, "he will not eat dinner, wife fed to him to eat, he used to drive a car, retirement pay four thousand or five thousand, he had two sons……" An aunt to listen to our chat, suddenly put his hands up, up to half of the palm then stopped, drooped, shaking, "he will not stand, take five steps to rest, the hand is such…… The eyes can not see clearly." The owner of the Skoda is a young guy, he said that this car is new this year to buy, all down 240 thousand, falling from the 5 floor of the glass block after uncle did not hit, but also involves the other car frame, initially asked, twenty thousand or thirty thousand dollars to repair. On compensation, guy has not come and uncle and families to discuss. I asked him what he thought, he lightly said: "saved a life is good." The Red Cross hospital building a hospital department of orthopedics, falls uncle lying in bed motionless, his mouth teeth are almost all gone, only a protrusion of the palate incisors still, Minzui with 1/3. Uncle 75 years old, Hangzhou people. 72 year old Zhang aunt uncle is the lover, uncle to take care of daily living, looks more than uncle spirit. Speaking of why his wife fell from the upstairs, Zhang aunt explained in three levels, layers of progressive. Sleepwalking is not sleepwalking, that is, during the day when the night, when the night during the day, sleep during the day, do not sleep at night. What do you do? He wants to sleep during the day you do not pull pull up, and you do not want to sleep at night you want him to sleep will not sleep." "He did not sleep last night, I did not sleep, he walked around the room how do I sleep? After midnight is a bit cold, I huddled in the nest, and from the bed several times to climb out, look at him. Before 2:20, I went to see him, he sat on the toilet, he sat in the toilet for a long time to sit, I went back to the room. A few minutes, about ten minutes, I heard bang bang, I thought something fell on the balcony, originally called his son to see the son, I want to go to work during the day, go and see for yourself – the old man disappeared." "The toilet in the window, the window is 1.2 meters high, estimated that he was stepped on the toilet, and then out, planted a somersault down…… He’s going to come out, I opened the door before, he put the window door, his eyes not easy, sometimes the TV set is the door……" Aunt Zhang helpless"相关的主题文章:

He scored fifth League paratelum! Single 12 points out the risk defending

He scored fifth League paratelum! Single 12 points out risk defending champion Lori really big heart sina sports news today Toronto away to Cleveland, although the Raptors eventually lost 117-121 to the defending champion, but in the face of Erwin Lowry played a high quality games, especially the fourth quarter performance as in the past sound, show the essence of their eukaryotic toronto. Lori game 23 shooting 11, of which three ball 8 throw in 4, scored 28 points, 5 rebounds and 9 assists and 4 steals in the overall data, especially in the fourth quarter of game, Lori single scored 12 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists, helping the Raptors and knight deal. When the game with 4 minutes 25 seconds, Lori is on the offensive with 3 seconds to pass the decisive shot hit the buzzer to help the Raptors will lead to 7 points, helping the Raptors to reverse the decline. In fact, this is not the first time this season, Lori crucial moment in the game has a better performance than Deluozan. So far this season in the fourth quarter, Lori averaged 7.11 points, the number fifth in the league, behind Damian, Lewis Williams, Russell Lillard – Westbrook and Isiah – Thomas, more than a lot of superstar data. The Raptors so far this season to third in the East, Deluozan offensive runaway is important, Lori in the key moment of the match control and stability play should not be ignored. DeRozan’s data is certainly eye-catching, but he just Toronto Lori and conventional weapons; although the data is poor, but still is Dinghaishenzhen Toronto, still can help Raptors beat the opponent of nuclear weapons. (Yin Chengyuan) statement: Sina exclusive articles, reproduced please indicate the source.相关的主题文章:

China face overseas core drive Jiangling Yu wins s330- auto

China face overseas "core" drive Jiangling Yu wins S330- Sohu automobile Sohu [auto car] if you ask me: what types of domestic car city to sell most fire? I will not hesitate to answer: SUV! From last year’s sales can be seen, more than half of the domestic auto market orders from SUV models. Which is red to purple compact SUV, every in this market segment in a period of time there are new products unveiled. However, with the increasingly fierce competition in the market, the problem of homogenization of products has also emerged, how to achieve a successful differentiation of car prices competitive advantage? Many enterprises think Yan value brand, in the "eat on his" age, appearance alone can indeed for many fans, but this represents only the entertainment circle, in the automotive industry to rely solely on the beautiful appearance is not feasible, but also a strong technical skills and quality of play. The compact SUV will join the fray Jiangling Yu wins S3 is such a face "in" more "face" models. Before the Jiangling Yu Sheng S3 began the development of the new car that already carried out a detailed investigation on the market. They analyzed the SUV in the field of compact, young people around the age of 25-30, especially after 90 consumer groups are about to become the main consumer of the future, they are more interested in the avant-garde personality. What they do and what they like to do after 80 or even a glance at the time of the 70 can not be understood, but it is undeniable that they represent the future of the society. This is in order to cater to the young consumer wave, Yu Sheng S3 uses a unique appearance design and publicity. In the drive before the start of the event on the meeting, Jiangling manufacturers representatives undisguised showed the three magic Yu Sheng S3 models to win over the rival. Ford 1.5GTDI Ford 6AT engine, gearbox and enough force chassis and real-time system, let’s take a detailed look at the three magic power.                              相关的主题文章:

Chinese dairy quality name – Finance –

Chinese dairy quality name – Finance – this is a high degree of social concern in the industry, involving thousands on thousands of consumers. This is an experience from the rapid development of the industry to the bottom again from the ashes. In 2008 as the time node, China’s dairy industry full force, positive transformation to the modern dairy industry. "Built homes, feed the grass, raise a cattle, produce good milk, dairy China recast dignity" has become the common people to China dairy. Today, after 8 years of efforts, the standardization of large-scale farming has become the mainstream, dairy companies to accelerate the construction of a stable and controllable milk base, the main quality indicators of fresh milk can be comparable with the developed countries…… China’s dairy industry with a new look in front of the world. Quality and safety in the best period in August this year, there are two things to make people quite exciting dairy. One is the first published "Chinese dairy quality report" for China Name: China’s dairy raw milk banned additives sampling pass rate for 7 consecutive years to maintain 100%. 2015 marks the quality of dairy products, milk yield and average value reached 3.14% and 3.69% respectively, were higher than the national standard of China’s "raw milk" of 0.34 and 0.59 percentage points. The total number of colonies decreased to 467 thousand CFU mL, well below the national standard of 2 million CFU mL, the number of somatic cells fell to 333 thousand mL, the main quality and health indicators reached the level of developed countries. Agriculture minister Han Changfu said: "after 8 years of efforts, China’s dairy industry as a warning for the future, the Jedi and the ashes, to achieve leapfrog development. At present, the quality and safety level is in the best period of history." The two is not long ago, JUNLEBAO infant formula announced to enter the Hongkong market sales to "with the same price, the detection of milk JUNLEBAO international authoritative testing organizations SGS Swiss standard surveyor, in nutrition, food safety and other aspects, all in accordance with Hongkong standards. From Hongkong to buy milk powder, to go to Hongkong to sell milk powder, such a change is exciting. Behind the change is the country to boost the dairy industry’s determination as solid as rocks. In October 2008, the State Council promulgated the regulations on the supervision and administration of the quality and safety of dairy products, which is the first regulation of China’s dairy industry. The top drive, industry consolidation followed, "milk rectifying and revitalization plan" to develop the dairy industry 3 years of planning the revitalization of the "management approach" the acquisition of fresh milk production of fresh milk production, purchase, transportation and inspection. After this, the normative documents of China’s dairy industry, with a high frequency in the public eye, relates to fresh milk, infant milk powder production, sampling, transportation, and other aspects of mergers and acquisitions. A series of policies and systems have been introduced for the sustained and healthy development of dairy industry to build a long-term mechanism. At the same time, a series of real money subsidies also went into the field of dairy industry. Policies and funding began to gradually show the driving force for China’s dairy industry. In 2015, the proportion of the scale of dairy farming in China was close to 50%, the average annual increase of about 4 percentage points; the rapid popularization of whole plant silage, high-quality alfalfa production reached 1 million 800 thousand tons; 70%)相关的主题文章:

Drive north happiness because the beauty of beauty as well as in s5- automobile

Drive north happiness because the beauty of beauty as well as in S5- Sohu car it is an unforgettable journey by car. For the first time I went to Xinjiang, I was curious about everything. On the plane, can not wait to look at the ground. Before been to Gansu Dunhuang, the desert has been exposed. That is nothing more than the west, Gobi everywhere, yellow sand all over the sky, white clouds, bright sun in the sky, hot. So well in uninhabited areas of preparation. Indeed, most of the plane to see the vast desert and Gobi, sparsely populated. Only the town, only a little green. So the beauty of the north of Xinjiang is far beyond my imagination. Until 20:55 arrived in Aletai in August 15th, the sun is still. I can not help in the circle of friends with emotion: your day the sun hung in the sky at the moment I feel the sun here a beautiful sunset. On the second day in the morning, I went for a walk outside the hotel, and the air was filled with the fragrance of the flowers and the sweetness of the fruit. This is really the gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. Nine in the morning, media colleagues to participate in the "S5 drive trip exit in the bus ride, along the road, north to Aletai Jinshan Hill drive. A car is sprinkled with sugar to meet the girl. The girls dance dance beautiful sugar Yan Ying, media friends shy underground car rally. Departure ceremony. The team went straight to the Wulungu lake. In ULUNGUR lake, beautiful, amazing. This is the lake next door. See the deep blue lake white spray, than the first time to see the sea also excited. Soft sand, water, day net, sweet melon. Grass, trees, branches, saline alkali soil, purple beach, like Gongqiao days away in the background, the driving of hippocampal S5 off the dynamic mighty, colorful, in fine Fig. In this context, walk in the blue sky white clouds, and eyes can penetrate the mountains near water, look far away. The sky is broad and boundless, no matter where you are, just want to go on. Don’t give birth to some heroic hearts. The same day, through the butterfly ditch, Fuhai scenic areas, scenic spots in Ergis river. 17, through the Chonghuer, grassland Shirengou, Habahe, Valley National Forest Park, arrived in the Irtysh river. Shore, is known as the entire planet’s colorful beach. Standing on the beach at the canyon in the river, feeling it was my dream. In the dream, trance is the realm of lofty, vast, boundless, everything seems to soak, misty, not the beginning, have never been heard of since. I seem to have come here. Just a dream in the colorful far from the river at the foot of the yadandemao. The high bank of hundreds of millions of years like a day of silence slowly stood, as in the past Everfount River from ancient to the present and future torrent flow, they are hundreds of millions of years of silence and never cease to be completely indifferent, witnessing the static and dynamic historical existence. From afar, thousands of weather, a mental reverie. On the other side of the river Bush grass, there are some local people sat on the floor, barbecue, leisure. A few cars stopped at the edge of the tree. .相关的主题文章:

The baby is the most appropriate weaning Novice moms have to look at oh! Sohu –acbel

The baby is the most appropriate weaning? Novice moms have to look at oh! When the baby baby – Sohu under one year later, it’s time to give him weaning, weaning period is an important period of growth in the baby mileage it means he, from a single diet infant to adult diet first step. Many mothers feel that the child is very painful to weaning is not the right way, if you know the right way, then no matter when the child weaning, will be very smooth oh. The best time of weaning as the saying goes "golden silver as mother’s milk, breast milk is the ideal food, should be fed to the baby 1 years old. Breast milk is good, but it’s not perfect. For example, breast milk vitamin D is very small, can not meet the nutritional needs of the baby’s growth. But when the baby was born 10 to 12 months, gastrointestinal digestive function is perfect, the need for nutrients will also increase gradually, obviously, this time the milk quantity and quality can not meet the needs of child growth and development, the demand for food has increased, this is the baby began to appropriate period weaning. It is worth noting that the best choice of weaning in spring and autumn, winter three season, avoid weaning in the hot summer, not in the sick baby weaning, because the baby’s resistance declined, instead of eating milk and complementary feeding, and will increase the baby’s gastrointestinal disease burden, adverse to the rehabilitation after. The scientific method of weaning natural weaning method follows four words principle — step by step, which is what we call the natural weaning method, gradually reduce the time and amount of breast-feeding, the milk and food supplement, until the complete cessation of breastfeeding. The transition from breast milk to solid food has a longer adaptive process, which should be gradual rather than abrupt. 1, slowly extended interval time of lactation if the baby two hours a milk drink, mom can slowly extended to three or four hours fed a milk or other food to replace. In this way, can gradually reduce the number of the baby to drink milk, but the mother also because the baby drink less and less milk. 2, change the habit of the baby baby will have the habit of drinking milk, and this must gradually get rid of the habit of drinking milk. For example: baby get used to drinking milk in the morning, at noon to drink milk and then go to bed. Then the mother can change their own, so that the baby can not maintain these habits. For example, the mother can get up earlier than the baby, let the baby to drink milk directly on the bed at noon; to let the baby go to the park to play, play tired to go home to sleep. In short, try not to let the baby let him want to drink milk situation. 3, add a variety of foods also increase food supplement baby weaning process. Add a food supplement can not only increase the nutrition for the baby, but also can promote the growth and development of slowly changing baby’s eating habits, tastes changed from single to diversity. At the same time, morphological diversity, taste different foods also can enrich children’s feelings, promote appetite, exercise chewing and swallowing ability. 4, change the way to eat on the way to gradually increase the baby with a cup of drink相关的主题文章:

Today the beginning of winter Beijing Hospital experts and your health – health Sohu.-k-boxing

Today the beginning of winter: Beijing Hospital experts and your health – health if Sohu Tianshui in autumn and winter was clear, gas exchange, today at 7:48, ushered in the winter. China’s ancient folk customs in the winter for the start of winter. "On the seventy-two Hou Ji Jie" said: "Li, Jianshi, said:" in winter, but also, all of it." It means that all the autumn crops have been collected and stored, and the animals have been hidden to prepare for hibernation. Winter came, perhaps in your city, these days have snow tapping your window ~ quickly with the most beautiful Sanqiu to meet the individual, the last season this year. – three – – – – the beginning of winter when ancient will be divided into three periods: the beginning of winter when the water begins to ice; two candidates to start freezing; three people were waiting for the mirage of pheasant." When the water begins. Ice is a combination of water and The students surpass the teacher., so cold, cold water, is the Yin fu. Meng Dong was ice, ice ice Sheng Zhuang midwinter, winter. Two. When to start freezing ice Zhuang Yue "freeze", "cold condensation, strong wild floating Yang, Hui Hui with cold water." Three. Waiting for the mirage of pheasants into the waters and the bird into the waters for clams "correspondingly, mirage is a clam, the ancients that is exhaled from the mirage mirage. – – – – – – – Lidongben custom welcome winter spring, summer, autumn and winter are four Li, in the ancient society is an important festival, the day the emperor will lead Wenwubaiguan to the capital of Beijiao set up the altar of sacrifice. In this day, one rural winter welcome ceremony, and give his winter clothes, pity for the lonely. There are incense incense Manchu customs. The beginning of winter, autumn is a season of storage, the Manchu banners and the Eight Banner people burn incense worship the active season in the first three days of incense worship for the whole family for ten days, vegetarian, do not eat meat. In October, up Lidongben, also called "to winter", entry into the winter, people have "into the winter winter food supplement". The ancients thought that the days turned cold, to supplement the body nutrition. Ginseng, pilose antler, dog meat, mutton and duck stew Bazhen etc.. Mutton. Furnace in the south, Dong people to eat more fish and ducks, in Taiwan Lidong this day, the streets of the "meat", "ginger duck" winter tonic restaurant business. Many families will sesame oil stewed chicken, four chickens to supplement energy. Those dumplings in northern China, people eat dumplings. Because the dumplings are derived from the "Jiaozi" argument. On the thirty last year and is at the turn of the year, winter is at the turn of seasons, so the "intersection" of the child can not eat dumplings. Beijing Hospital experts tell you – – – – – Lidongben health the ancients said, winter regimen, the most obstacle to conform to the reservoir, reservoir cold warm, will lie down early late. "Night out the foot lying, a natural warm, was warm, gentle. At the same time, the appropriate tonic, exercise and mental health. In the diet to "warm up", less pungent acid, prevention of disease. The "six black", eating Chinese medicine, the five line of the corresponding principle, winter health should fill the "black", should eat some black beans, black sesame.相关的主题文章: