Zhuhai Garden real estate without pre-sale license fees charged to 100 thousand yuan threshold-footman

Biguiyuan Zhuhai property without pre-sale permit fees received intent threshold rose to 100 thousand pre-sale permit development of "intent" Complaints Bureau said it had received complaints for the construction, must pay attention to remind the purchase of the property, to avoid disputes without obtaining pre-sale permit real estate purchase, borrowing name to buy investment products, charge 5-10 million yuan to purchase cost, so that the buyers have the right to buy, this scene took place in Zhuhai city. Recently, many Zhuhai residents told reporters in Nandu said the complaints, is located in Zhuhai City South Bay area a new real estate Biguiyuan ho bay without pre-sale permit, open for the buyers payment. Nandu reporter then to the identity of the buyers visited the real estate exhibition center, sales staff said, buyers can pay 100 thousand yuan at the opening play room, but also can enjoy 100 thousand to 150 thousand purchase discount. The construction of Municipal Construction Bureau confirmed that the company currently does not obtain pre-sale permit, has received complaints from the public, to remind buyers purchase to pay attention, to avoid disputes. Complaints: pre-sale permit has recently started to collect money, told reporters in Nandu after another public complaints, said the South Bay area is located in the urban area of new flats Biguiyuan ho Bay 5-  to charge the purchase in the pre-sale permit conditions; 100 thousand yuan of "purchase intent", the practice of alleged violations. Zhuhai housing construction bureau this year has been repeatedly mentioned, real estate enterprises before the pre-sale permit, shall not in any name to the purchase money, Biguiyuan ho Bay has received hundreds of millions, the amount has been." Show in the public Ms. Zhang himself signed the "purchase and development of preferential confirmation (Bao Hui Ying)" in Nandu, the reporter saw, buyers from the developers designated "meeting room" platform for Rongxin commercial factoring company 50 thousand yuan of the surplus treasure financial products, has the priority to purchase the Zhuhai Biguiyuan Park ho Bay real estate villa product rights, property buyers with the letter stated the room number, according to the rules of the housing purchase of a commercial housing can enjoy 50 thousand yuan to 100 thousand yuan discount, if you exit the financial products before or after the specified subscription period, the return of property buyers share of investment and investment income. Nandu reporter noted that the letter of confirmation for the Zhuhai Biguiyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., the other party has been stamped with official seal. And Rongxin business factoring Ltd. these financial products, is a company registered in Shenzhen City, Qianhai District, Shenzhen Hong Kong cooperation enterprise. Nandu reporter login Zhuhai city commercial housing advance (Sales) sales network query, found that as of September 21st 12 at noon, Biguiyuan ho Bay has not achieved the pre-sale permit. The reporter visited: charging threshold from 50 thousand to 100 thousand yuan on Monday afternoon, reporters came to the identity of the buyers in Nandu Biguiyuan ho bay road is located in the new world of urban prosperity HUAFA sales center, looking out from the front of the sales center, can be seen in the construction of the garden city bay. For the real estate, many people are not unfamiliar Zhuhai. Where the project of land in Zhuhai in 2015 August to shoot "the most expensive land, the floor price reached 17600 yuan per square meter, surrounding HUAFA Sheraton on相关的主题文章: