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Zheng Kai "comedy story" reinventing classic blood man – Zheng Kai turned the entertainment Sohu protect our homes and defend our country blood man Zheng Kai Wang Ning funny protect our homes and defend our country struck Zheng Kai Wang Ning staged war drama Sohu entertainment news this Saturday evening 20:30, Zhejiang satellite TV comedy variety "comedy story contest will be on time and meet the audience member", the last is the third stage of the race started. This program, Zheng Kai re interpretation of "big family" the classic plot, a white robe shaodonggu dress debut, Wang Ning returned to the Anti Japanese War, jointly staged a passionate man, the story of the invaders and protect our homes and defend our country. In the trailer, Zheng Kai wearing a white silk gown, with a beard, in the full sense, behavior between show a small club atmosphere, partner Wang Ning as Japanese officers, two people seem to have launched a fierce struggle, netizens on the race play have looked forward to: "it is a new breakthrough, see Zheng Kai how to protect our homes and defend our country must be very exciting!" It is worth mentioning that the Zheng Kai program performed a smooth hole, attracted the audience bursts of applause, many netizens message said: "Kai Kai one, his ear, too!" The third stage of the final curtain will open, Zheng Kai will make a surprise performance, and partner Wang Ning will show how a wonderful story? 20:30 tomorrow, please lock Zhejiang TV comedy "Nemo".相关的主题文章: