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The Zhejiang plan submitted to the FTA commodity positioning Zhoushan FTA original title: Sichuan, Zhejiang FTA program has been submitted to Zhoushan aimed at commodity trade liberalization third FTA innovation roadmap appeared with the local characteristics difference of innovation "Economic Reference News" reporter learned, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Hubei FTA program has been submitted to the Ministry of commerce. With the third batch of FTA designated area and into the final stage of the project was finalized, the innovation roadmap 7 test area FTA outline has gradually emerged: Zhejiang Zhoushan aimed at commodity trade liberalization, Hubei focused on the rise of central China and the Yangtze River Economic Belt strategic docking, Henan flagship international logistics distribution center construction, the focus of Sichuan to build inland open new heights. In August this year, in Liaoning, Zhejiang, Henan, Hubei, Chongqing, Sichuan, Shaanxi, seven approved, after becoming Shanghai, Guangdong, Tianjin, Fujian, China’s third batch of domestic free trade zone. Reporters learned that the current program from the point of view, the third batch of free trade zones have their own unique positioning, from different angles to explore innovation. According to the Zhejiang Province, Zhoushan free trade zone located in the oil industry chain as the core of the commodity trade, mainly to implement the central government on the exploration of the construction of the Zhoushan free trade zone ", promoting commodity trade liberalization, enhance the ability to explore the global allocation of commodities. It is understood that the establishment of the "three step" strategy in Zhoushan Comprehensive Bonded Zone, free trade zone, free port. Free port is the ultimate goal, covering the city of Zhoushan. At the same time, as the Zhoushan based on an exploration, the establishment of a free trade port in April this year, the State Council approved the principle to set up Zhoushan Jianghai transport service center. The area includes area of Zhoushan Islands District and Ningbo City, Beilun global Zhenhai, Jiangbei, Jiangdong, land area of about 2500 square kilometers, sea area of about 21 thousand square kilometers. Zhoushan Municipal Development and Reform Commission relevant responsible person said that the core of the FTA is commodity trade liberalization, the strategic goal is to enhance the ability of the global allocation of commodities, and ultimately improve our right to speak in the global commodity trade, the near-term goal is to actively promote the commodity spot trading, the next is the development of long-term spot trading. And finally to the development direction of futures trading. And in the Inland Hubei free trade zone is focused on docking the central region and the Yangtze River Economic Belt strategy. The reporter learned that, at the end of October, "China (Hubei) overall program test free trade zone" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") has been submitted to the Ministry of commerce. "Plan" the overall positioning is: in order to undertake industrial transfer, the construction of a number of strategic emerging industries and high-tech industry base, Hubei to play in the implementation of the strategy of central China and promote the demonstration of the role of the Yangtze River economic belt construction, trade facilitation, investment liberalization, regulatory law, to build a world-class business environment. "According to the requirements of the Hubei Free Trade Zone reported a total area of 120 square kilometers, 70 square kilometers in Wuhan City, Yichang City, Xiangyang City, 28 square kilometers, 22 square kilometers, each area cannot be split, with clear boundary closure. Two相关的主题文章: