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Zhang Liang exposes the anti season left injury for the sub entertainment Tencent dedicated to the evening of September 11th, "tell the world" I ushered in the peak night battle in the nest, is fighting hard, the climax of four. Had a stuttering Zhang Liang, a road to the dark horse in the final, and ultimately into the bird’s nest in the face of the fifty thousand audience began to speak, it is not a breakthrough. That night, Zhang Liang bare heart, about entering the chef industry hard and insist, but also exposes the shoulder and knee still have the "mark". Bird’s nest night, Zhang Liang’s speech is the theme of "fear of occupation, serious life". Now has experienced a variety of professional identity conversion of Zhang Liang, was originally in order to make a living, at the age of 16 began cooking career. At the beginning of the line Zhang Liang could only stand in the back of the seniors, cut the cheapest fish, but there is no blame. Don’t even give up the chance to cut your fish, even when the fish bites the blood. Zhang Liang is such a heart Chuaizhuo dream to be a chef, practice: "simple idea to do, there will be results. "The rule of success in three months after becoming a real cook. He said frankly: "every occupation in the skills of temper is need time to accumulate, need to observe carefully and try to figure out, there is no shortcut." Transition from chef to model, Zhang Liang’s life is full of surprises and uncertainties. In order to become a leader in the model, get more chances to work, in addition to diet and plenty of exercise for the most difficult season or shooting, shooting is more common in a world of ice and snow of summer, Zhang Liang has two knees, right shoulder also recently have been dull, but tough as Zhang Liang thinks: "this is the year career to leave assets. Which job is not easy to do, there is no vision is not afraid of the root can not stand down." Whether it is the chef model, or today’s actor, he would hold: "no matter what industry, what kind of position, can do their jobs, are often kept in awe of the work, which is of self esteem." The attitude, and always adhere to the practice of "professional dedication is not merit, but a person’s duty". All this let Zhang Liang in these different life trajectories cross walk, can accumulate steadily steadily. Funny play! Zhang Liang is expected to be a "harmonic star""相关的主题文章: