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Zhang Jindong issued 10 million rewards innovation to encourage young people to release the power of the Beijing – Zhang Jindong issued a "new network of Internet Innovation Award" in August 31, "as long as you dare to brain hole wide open, broke the power of the group, can let you become the innovation in the field of debris flow." In August 30th, Suning Holdings Group Chairman Zhang Jindong on the "Su Ningzhi summer" Awards stage, to the O2O innovation model, Internet financial innovation mode, Suning culture O2O football club professional management innovation, strategic innovation, investment and financing mode of logistics automation project, IT innovation project 12 innovation projects issued by the total amount of 10 million yuan the "Internet Innovation Award", including two tesla. This is the third year since the establishment of Suning Internet Innovation Award, the bonus amount of new highs. Su Ningzhi is a lunar calendar to spiritual and cultural feast Suning internal, but with the transformation of the Internet Suning, the party has become more and more outside observed Suning change achievement of a window, the night not only nearly 1000 Suning partner executives will all be present, the media, from the media, have red net the party also came to the scene to live in Chinese to video synchronization through cohesion, Japan, the United States and Italy Suning staff coverage area live interactive. Zhang Jindong issued a "Internet Innovation Award" Internet retail power outbreak logistics automation Pick award "Suning not innovation satellite, nor the head, but let us have the goal, backed by the theme, Suning strong industry and resource system, bold imagination, careful verification." At the award ceremony link Ningzhi Su summer party the most attention, people around the Su gushing out of the enthusiasm for innovation, Zhang Jindong further reiterated that innovation. More than half of this year the Internet innovation award or on the Su ningyun group, and from the award-winning projects, with Hawkeye, EDAW, Trinidad, through the whole network CDM platform as the representative of IT innovative products to the world’s leading intelligent logistics center of Nanjing Suning Yuhua logistics base in two as the representative of the logistics automation project. And maintain a maximum GMV double growth, single month growth of more than 800% Suning Ali cooperation project, the red child line project, maternal stores Suning store project, all Lande Internet innovation award. Zhang Jindong praised in the comments, these innovative projects fully demonstrated the Suning Internet retail into the power of high-speed growth channels. Held in Su Ningzhi summer party that evening, Su ningyun during the first half of the earnings release, online commodity trading platform entity the total size of an increase of 80.31%, mobile client orders accounted for up to 72%, the socialization of logistics financial business revenue grew 153.98%, the overall transaction scale an increase of 130%. The new industry to create a historical home, finance, sports, cultural and creative, winning investment have been issued from the year of Internet Innovation Award, the most attention is the new industry, twelve prize, new industries occupy five seats, including the Soviet Union Ningjin service group, Su Ningwen group, Suning football club and Suning investment group that is almost from scratch.相关的主题文章: