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China Yuzhou Chinese medicine Fair opened   signed 21 INVESTMENT 18 billion 700 million – Henan – people.com.cn opening ceremony in Yuzhou on 30 September, people.com.cn (Qi Yifang) Yuzhou Yaoxiang event, such as. The morning of September 29th, King Sun Simiao Cultural Festival and the Eleventh Yuzhou China Chinese Medicine Trade Fair opening, entrepreneurs from around the country and industry elite gathered in Henan Yuzhou, carry out various forms of medical and cultural exchanges and economic and trade negotiation activities, to discuss cooperation in the development of Chinese medicine in meter. In recent years, considerable development of Chinese medicine industry in Yuzhou City, has become the first Chinese herbal medicine industry China County, wonderful places Chinese herbal medicine in traditional Chinese medicine processing demonstration base of circulation traceability system pilot unit, the only. At the same time, the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine culture has been carried forward, "Yuzhou Pharmaceutical Association" and "Yuzhou traditional Chinese medicine processing skills" were selected in the national and Henan intangible cultural heritage list. The opening ceremony, the Yuzhou municipal Party committee secretary Wang Hongwu said, in the face of the economic development of the new normal and rare strategic opportunity, Yuzhou has always been to the inheritance of TCM culture, adhere to the revitalization of Chinese medicine industry does not shake, to do "a little while", create a "business city", to promote "a turn up". The future, Yuzhou city will gather strength to "a little while", with Yao Wang culture as a link, set up exchanges, cooperation and win-win platform; create a "business city", the Chinese medicine industry as the leading industry of Yuzhou started to focus on cultivating, "Central Plains medicine health town planning and construction; promote" a turn up, with the Chinese medicine industry and Yaodu town construction as the breakthrough point, to promote the city’s comprehensive restructuring, industrial upgrading". On the day of the opening ceremony, the first Yu Business Forum was successfully held, also brought new vitality to Yuzhou. The forum contributed to signing cooperation projects 21, with a total investment of 18 billion 700 million yuan. Among them, 11 industrial projects, traditional Chinese medicine category of the project of the 6, the production of the class of the project 2, the new energy projects, the 2 of the three. Wang Wenjie, vice mayor of Xuchang, said: we will do our best to provide quality, efficient and smooth service to the contracted projects, and strive to promote the project early landing, early completion, early results." It is understood that Yuzhou has basically formed a concentrated herbal medicine, Chinese herbal medicine processing, proprietary Chinese medicine production, Chinese herbal medicine warehousing logistics and cultural tourism, such as traditional Chinese medicine more complete industrial system. Has completed the standardization of Chinese herbal medicine production base 25, planting area of 400 thousand acres, Yaonong, drug workers engaged in planting and processing of nearly 100 thousand people, Chinese herbal medicine planting industry annual output value of 700 million yuan. Source: people.com.cn – Henan branch network     09 2016 30 August 11:34 share to: (commissioning editor Song Fangxin and Yang Xiaona)相关的主题文章: