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Yunnan level officials to resign when lawyers said the rules often feel bad news – Sohu cover news reporter Diao Mingkang in October 27th, cover news reporters from Yunnan province city land resources bureau, deputy director of the Bureau of the original members of the party, Li Qingsong has resigned from office, ready to do a small ordinary lawyer". In the circle of friends has forwarded a suspected Li Qingsong to write the article, claiming its resignation is "personality," rules ", from time to time will be" stuck "and " often for complete removal of" official "troubles". Department officials resign all over again "in October 27th, an article entitled" so capricious, I resigned as deputy director of the Bureau of duty — to forget Memorial "article widely forwarded to the circle of friends. The authors suspected the City Land Resources Bureau of Yunnan Province, the former party member, deputy director Li Qingsong. The author said in the article, he was in August 12th this year, Yunnan Provincial Department of land approved the party, resigned from office, in September, the unit stopped wages". The reason for his resignation, he said, "although there are various reasons, mainly due to personality, often feel the" rules ", from time to time will feel some" stuck on ". At the same time, he also said that after many years of work, "when people get promoted to reuse and rejoicing when congratulating them at the same time, I have to thoroughly remove the so-called ‘official’ worry, because with this no confidence and sense of superiority and the inertia of thinking, even just a little bit, and" quack "misfits". At the end of the article, there is such a paragraph: "25 years…… When people reach middle age, they are still in the way…… I put myself back to zero…… Is no longer in fame, no longer engrossed in their wealth, more calm, more fully enjoy life…… To give yourself 15 years of time, want to do an ordinary small lawyer, do not know whether this place to live for myself". The official confirmed his resignation as a lawyer in the future, Li Qingsong also posted his lawyer occupation qualification certificate, and in 1995 1997 in Yunnan Province, Simao district court, over the years successively served as deputy director of Simao District of Simao Port Management Committee Simao District Construction Bureau, deputy director of the office of the city government, Jingdong Yi Autonomous County Committee, deputy mayor, Party members, the city land resources bureau deputy director of the work and working experience. In October 27th, cover news reporters call the city land resources bureau, the bureau Party committee responsible person confirmed Li Qingsong had resigned two months to reporters. However, he said it is not convenient to provide contact with Li Qingsong, you want to know the situation, the circle of friends that article is written very clearly". In addition, Yunnan provincial department responsible person also said from the side to cover news reporters, "so capricious, I resigned as deputy director of the Bureau of duty — to forget Memorial" may be written by Li Qingsong. So headstrong, I resigned from the deputy director of the Municipal Land Bureau – in order to forget…相关的主题文章: