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Yu Minhong: you must raise the child’s life, this is the difference of four points do not – Sohu maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting hand Yu Minhong, as everyone knows, he is the New Oriental Education & Technology Group Chairman and Chief Executive officer, but in the family, his role is a a father. This article recommended today, tells the story of Yu Minhong in the family education experience, do not miss yo ~ I am a father of two children, a daughter at University of Pennsylvania junior, son of only two days, it was scorched by the flames let me age, so have a lot of experience. According to my personal experience, when parents are actually very hard, but also very well when. I think parents should speak a few points: first, in a calm mood temper is very important, positive energy transfer, always encourage children; second, give the child to set up some rules to regulate behavior, persevere persist; third, to cultivate the enthusiasm and spirit of children learning and reading books; fourth, to cultivate children’s emotional intelligence and AQ, let the children have a special kindness to get along with people, able to maintain your sunny personality. In the face of the child to grow, to keep in a calm mood and positive energy I state my own memories, parents are farmers, but bring me to the north. Foster the success of the child, in fact, with the level of knowledge is not much relationship, I also found a lot of family conditions are particularly good, very high level of parental education, but the child’s mess. I summed up the surrounding friends found that the leadership of government departments, but the success of many children. In addition to the government led the child with the best local educational resources, there is a more important reason is because the government leadership couples the general level of education are also good, but also because it is working in government departments, has a very good ability to temper emotional restraint, so their family education of children is not so emotional because, not so emotional, can keep relatively stable personality growth of children. So, in the face of the child’s growth, we must always keep in a calm mood state, to maintain the positive energy state of children. It’s easy to say, but it’s not so easy to do. Now all the parents and teachers to ponder about how much of their usual speech is positive energy, how much is the negative energy?! I found that seventy or eighty per cent of parents have always been negative. We are in front of the children not conscious of the evaluation of the social bad things, used to put yourself in the middle of the social loss, resulting into unfair grievances out again, negative attitude will affect the child, children see the world is negative. For example, the child returned to the test 70 points, the first reaction is how you are so stupid, how only the test points? Your child got a point, and the child came back and said, "Mom, I got second today. There is also the first place in the front." You may say I believe you, next time will be able to get the first place. Do you think this sentence is encouraged? In fact, is particularly full of negative energy painting相关的主题文章: