You addicted to tea, tea is actually writing a long cherished wish! – Sohu to eat and

You addicted to tea, "tea" is actually writing a long cherished wish! Sohu and Lu You (1125-1210), the word service concept, fangweng, interstate Shanyin (now Zhejiang Shaoxing) people. He is a patriotic poet of the Southern Song Dynasty, but also a poet is addicted to tea. Lu You’s hometown of Shanyin (Shaoxing) is the ancient tea. The Japanese cast tea produced here is the local tea. He grew up in the tea, tea makes him into the study of childhood monasteries. Lu You’s official residents almost anywhere and tea have the fate, he serve Fuzhou, the taste of Fujian Longxing "source sink spring" and "Jianxi Fujian tribute tea tea", "way back to the first substrate alcoholic solution, Longxing source sink spring" and "Jianxi official Tea world must, to a full flavor try a little snow" of the poem to praise him; to serve Sichuan, "have Fannangjiuweng, who appreciate Mengshan Zisun incense" poem praising Sichuan Mengshan tea zisun. An official in the south, he scattered, mostly for tea, taste tea provides a good opportunity for him over. Tea was the influence of the environment, make him interested in tea. While the official career and contributed to the development of tea in tea, which became Lu You’s lifelong hobby never abandon. The cause of Lu You is addicted to tea, is also related to his political career. He was born in second years, Jin had song capital bianliang. At that time, Lu You was still in its infancy, with his family displaced, childhood life is extremely unstable. The influence of the social and family environment, the young Lu You determined to grow up to "hit the horse crazy Hu, dismount grass gauntlet patriotism. In the Southern Song Dynasty Shaoxing twenty-five years (1155), Lu You was appointed secretary of Ningde Fuzhou, after they have been in Fuzhou, Ling’an (now Hangzhou, Zhenjiang, the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty Pianan) to office, the official to the Privy Council official editing. Although he was not directly involved in the fight Jinbing fight, but because he advocated the Northern Expedition Jinbing fight, angered the emperor Xiaozong was demoted to Zhenjiang three. Since then has been a career frustrations, aspirations blighted, often with tea and wine as partners, until 65 years old when he returned to the hometown in shanyin. Lu You official during repeated surrender group attack, but patriotic beliefs will never change until death. Therefore, in his official career suffers a setback in 30 years, and the tea drinking became his heart for solace grief. He used wine to anaesthetize oneself, to tea to emotional stability, also with tea hangover. "It must be the first alcoholic solution substrate, Longxing source sink spring" of the poem write him Su wine with tea. Especially to old age, patriotic ambition though did not give up, but after all, old age, for the newspaper without the door, and the long-term drinking has affected the health of the body, he is more to the "soft rice tea" for the music, "from Lu Yu Tea on the ruins, Ning and Tao Qian check wine poem." (from the "tea") at this time, he has been more than the taste of tea drinking, tea has become his biggest hobby and digestion of emotional depression spiritual sustenance. Because addicted to tea, you worship the sage Lu Yu, he carefully read Lu Yu’s "tea", he is proud of his is Lu Yu clan, "Lu Yu sang Meng Weng" nickname around borrow, wrote in the "green tea" Anguo hospital in a poem: "I am the Jiangnan mulberry ramie, Ji spring tea hometown leisure goods." Even doubt is the land "相关的主题文章: