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Yiyanbuge hair dog! Liu Ye: I immediately fell asleep beside her Liu Ye Tencent entertainment news recently, actor Liu Ye guest "Venus" show host, and Venus talk about interesting things in life, and the past and present some changes. In many people’s impression, Liu Ye is famous for the hand piece, funny force, actually work in his rigorous and serious, to return to the family face is not conceal the happiness. In the program, Liu Ye is more generous when it comes to his family influence and change, big boys like Liu Ye’s character, from the road people quite feeling. Talk about family: in order to promise a life to life program, whenever Liu Ye talk to his family, the mood is full of happiness. Talking about online ridicule, a family of four, Liu Ye is the most ugly ", and" Liu Ye saved the Milky Way system ", Liu Ye joked:" a Ni Na wife and I certainly is prettier than me, but I think I might be more back, stalls such a family, I also quite good". Users have a message: obviously is a family of four, Liu Ye is the most funny, they are beautiful!" When it comes to the lives of the people most concerned about, Liu Ye tells the sweet memories of the past and Anna. For a long time, Liu Ye suffered from severe insomnia, and even to a serious need to eat sleeping pills every day with a drink to ease. But in Anna’s persuasion and consideration, his insomnia also eased. Talking about this story, Liu Ye is not a word to say: "we sent the food at a time, do not eat sleeping pills, not drinking can immediately fall asleep," a son and daughter Ni Na Liu Ye who was born to father more responsibilities. Talk to the son of a born on the day, Liu Ye is exposed to a just born, once suffocated, Anna called him a quick worship, his first reaction is to change life, let the promise of a live down. The deep love of the audience to tears, crying is about venus. Talk about work: attention has merit Liu Ye debut 17 years, starred in many film and television dramas, early has won two awards, golden rooster. Again this year, with the latest movie "murderer" is the wonderful interpretation, won the Jin Jue Award for best actor, won the "Gold Award winner". Recall the first works "postmen in the mountains", Liu Ye said little trick was to attract attention directed, "I see Huo guide them sitting in the playground, estimated to be looking for an actor, so I can play basketball, all kinds of fancy teshuai action. Then pretend not to see them, but also to wash his face." So just amused the audience. Liu Ye starred in the two film "the murderer", also "my war" will be in the mid autumn festival exhibition stalls. "My war" in the death rate of the ultimate notice Liu Ye.相关的主题文章: