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Yemen armed Jose said the multinational coalition air strikes caused 82 deaths in Beijing in October 9 the coalition denied the Xinhua news agency Xinhua comprehensive Xinhua news agency in Cairo, Riyadh reporters: Yemen Jose armed "Ministry of health" agent "minister" Ishmael said 8 days, the Saudi led multinational coalition in the afternoon on a funeral was held in Yemen in the capital Sanaa the air strikes, killing at least 82 people were killed and 534 injured. But the Saudi led multinational coalition that denies its bombing in Sanaa’s funeral. Ishmael said at a press conference, including the death penalty may include senior members of the armed forces. Multinational coalition issued a statement saying that the coalition did not carry out military operations in the area of the funeral, the incident may be caused by other reasons. The statement said that the multinational coalition military operations have been avoiding similar crowd gathering occasion. Shortly after the incident, a few kilometers away from the air raid site can see thick black smoke, ambulances and fire engines rushed to the scene. Ambulance Khaled ·, told Xinhua News Agency reporters, said: "we went to the charred body, a few, a few ten, the funeral hall under the ruins of a lot of buried under a lot of the." An anonymous eyewitness told reporters after the first two air strikes, many people fled, but there are still a lot of people in the room. In September 2014, Yemen Jose armed seizure of the capital Sanaa, and occupied the southern region of the country, forcing President Hardy fled to Saudi arabia. March 2015, Saudi Arabia and other countries for the launch of the armed forces codenamed codenamed decisive military action. In July 2015, support for Hardy’s government forces and tribal armed forces to support the multinational coalition in Aden province. Under UN mediation, the parties to the conflict in Yemen had peace talks. The last round of peace talks in Kuwait in April 21st this year, so far, the parties have not reached a consensus, the international community is still committed to restart a new round of peace talks. At the end of July this year, Jose armed and former president of the union Saleh announced the establishment of the supreme political council". October 2nd, the armed forces and Saleh announced the appointment of a "prime minister" and authorized the formation of the national salvation government". (reporter Chen Lin, Wang Bo)相关的主题文章: