Xi’an police frequent alarm call 110 Xi’an wonderful tourists asked paomo which strong (video)-jslottery

Xi’an police frequent alarm call 110 Xi’an wonderful tourists asked paomo which strong reporter Deng Longhui said that the foaming steamed, but Xi’an is not only a representative of snacks, I love to eat the old Shaanxi, also attracted a lot of tourists come here, want to try all of Xi’an’s most famous bubble. This does not, tourists are playing 110 police asked: "Xi’an bubble which is stronger?" "110 things" today continues to lecture, see what wonderful drunk alarm. In October 18th, the Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau Command Center received 110 alarm, police were asked to pick the police: "it’s 110, I to you want to ask for your tour of Xi’an, Xi’an’s most famous paomo museum where I can not find ah!" 110, police officers told the police, 110 is the masses in distress when the emergency call, occupy 110 alarm line is not correct behavior, if there are related issues, you can ask relatives and friends, or call 114 inquiries. In October 17th, 110 received the alarm, the police called for complaints, disease control center has 120 pull siren. 110, the police told the police, 120, 119, 110 are emergency public service attendance, siren belongs to the normal attendance process. Alarm people are still indignant: "why 110 regardless of 120 pull siren?"" The police had to continue patiently explaining the cause to the crowd. In October 20th, 110 received the alarm, the police said that because of the long-term purchase of lottery tickets, the years of deposit consumption is over, and now asked to borrow 1000 yuan from the government. 110, police officers patiently explained to the police, the purchase of sports lottery, lottery is purely subjective consumption behavior, unrelated to the government. Note: video only for expanding reading, Hebei 1 years to receive more than ten million wonderful alarm alarm, said here zombie will jump

西安警察频遇奇葩报警 游客打110问西安泡馍哪家强记者 邓龙辉 说起泡馍,那可是西安小吃的代表,不仅是咱老陕喜欢吃,更是引得大量外地游客慕名而来,都想尝尝全西安最有名的泡馍。这不,有游客都打110问警察了:“西安泡馍哪家强?” “110那些事儿”今天继续开讲,看看有哪些惹人醉的奇葩报警。 10月18日,西安市公安局指挥中心110接到报警,报警人询问接警员:“是110吧,我到你们西安来旅游,想问问你们西安最有名的泡馍馆在哪里,我找不到啊!” 110接警员告知报警人,110是群众遇到危难时的紧急报警电话,占用110报警线路是不正确的行为,如果有相关问题,可以询问亲朋好友,或者拨打114查询。 10月17日,110接到报警,报警人称要投诉疾病控制中心有120拉警笛。110接警员告知报警人,120、119、110都属于紧急公务出勤,鸣警笛属于正常出勤流程。报警人仍然愤愤不平:“为什么110不管120拉警笛?”接警员只好继续耐心地向群众说明原因。 10月20日,110接到报警,报警人称自己因长期购买彩票,将多年存款消费完了,现在要求向政府借1000元钱。110接警员向报警人耐心解释,购买体彩、福彩纯属个人主观消费行为,与政府无关。注:视频仅为扩展阅读 河北1年接超千万起奇葩报警 报警者称这里有僵尸会蹦相关的主题文章: