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Xiamen local housing prices rose nearly half of Listed Companies in layoffs? Sohu finance Xiamen prices fluctuate when the local number of listed companies has suffered a double blow in operating difficulties and natural disasters. National Bureau of statistics released in 2016 in part of the city’s housing price changes show that: as of August, Xiamen prices rose by the end of the year has risen as high as 44% by the end of August. Second only to Shenzhen, the fastest rising prices this year, the dark horse. In Xiamen prices soared in the moment, nearly half of Xiamen listed private profit decline or even loss. Xiamen private enterprises struggling half profit fell earnings data show: remove the listing of the 5 companies, the 14 private listed companies in Xiamen is home to 7 of the first half of 2016 net profit fell to half of the total. The following table for bread Finance (WeChat public number: mbcaijing) according to the listed companies to draw the net profit of listed private enterprises in Xiamen: Xiamen is located in some of the state-owned listed companies are not good days. 8 listed state-owned enterprises, there are 3 profit decline. Profitability is still the strongest relationship with the real estate can not be separated. In the first half of this year, the state-owned listed companies in Xiamen, the largest profit is to build shares, the company’s net profit of 860 million yuan in the contribution of the real estate business from the same period, the real estate profit growth of up to 62.38% in. Listed companies continue to lay off more than 100 thousand per capita salary decline in profits at the same time, many listed companies in Xiamen to reduce the number of employees. According to data disclosed in the earnings report: 2015 14 private listed companies in the total number of 7 employees have been reduced. This is a few years ago, the number of Listed Companies in Xiamen continued to increase the total number of employees on the contrary, in 2012 the total number of employees of these 14 listed private enterprises also increased by nearly 3000, an increase of nearly 10%. Even if the scope is extended to all 36 listed companies (including state-owned enterprises, collective enterprises, private enterprises, etc.) is not optimistic. 36 home in the number of employees in the reduction of 13, accounting for more than 1/3. Generally speaking, the level of remuneration of listed companies generally slightly higher than the overall level, but even as a reference, Xiamen’s high housing prices are still a heavy burden. According to data released by the China Index Research Institute, Xiamen in July the average price of new residential construction has more than 27000 square meters; second only to Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing. 2015 Xiamen listed private enterprises, there are 12 employees per capita salary of less than $100 thousand, the lowest per capita remuneration for the new employees, the average salary is only 45 thousand and 600 yuan. For many three or four tier cities, such a level of compensation is not too low, but the current price of Xiamen has been among the ranks of the first tier cities. The following table for bread Finance (WeChat public number: mbcaijing) was calculated according to the Wind data and the relevant accounting standards of listed private enterprises in Xiamen per capita salary: industry is not easy to typhoon to chaos industry is not easy, recently swept the Fujian typhoon Meranti also hit a lot of Xiamen listed companies. In September 20th, Xiamen Engineering shares announcement said: Typhoon Meranti to plant Xiamen Engineering shares of the damage?相关的主题文章: