Xiamen college girls home is Shuabing tracing information to relax after a quarrel-kairui

Xiamen college girls home is to relax the original tracing information Shuabing Xiamen Network – Haixi morning news after a quarrel (morning news reporter Chen Cuixian) "people find!" On November 1st at 11:30 in the evening, the reporter received a phone call, a hanging heart finally fell. Originally, in October 31st, Xiamen a college sophomore I ran away, for a time, the circle of friends are missing a scraper. Fortunately, lost the whole day, I finally found by the police. According to my counselor Liu, I is a sophomore student at a university in Xiamen, she was outside and flat-share a rental. In October 31st, I had a quarrel because their pet dogs and flat-share people. So, more than 11 points that night, I just leave, and cut off contact with others. More than 11 points until the night of November 1st, I was the police found, and from teacher Liu back to school. In recent years, college students who have occurred. Why leaving events occur frequently in college students? An analysis of Xiamen psychological counseling center Nie Hongyuan, many students ran away because the pressure can not adapt to the identity transformation. The university is the children become an important period of social transition of people. In this period, their identity and responsibility to change slowly, may face more problems, such as interpersonal relationship, learning and employment etc.. When the students feel no confidence when faced with this society will choose to escape. Home is a more extreme way to escape, the more extreme may choose to end their own lives." In this regard, Nie Hongyuan suggested, for schools, should not only care about the students’ life and learning, should also focus on children’s mental health, to discover their psychological problems, and provide psychological counseling to help. For their parents, to give the child as an adult, give them full respect. For the children of "soft" love, to give children proper encouragement, let them build confidence and courage. For individual students, when there is a psychological confusion, should take the initiative to seek the help of the teacher, parents.

厦门一大学女生出走寻人信息刷屏 原是争吵后去散心   厦门网-海西晨报讯 (晨报记者 陈翠仙)“人找到了!”11月1日晚上11点30分左右,记者接到这样一通电话,一颗悬着的心终于落了地。原来,10月31日,厦门一高校大二学生小月出走,一时间,朋友圈都被寻人启事刷屏了。幸运的是,失联整整一天后,小月终于被民警找到了。   据小月的辅导员刘老师介绍,小月是厦门一大学的大二学生,她在校外与人合租了一间出租屋。10月31日,小月因为自己的宠物狗与合租人发生了争吵。于是,当天晚上11点多,小月负气出走,并断绝了与他人的联系。直到11月1日晚上11点多,小月才被警方找到,并由刘老师带回了学校。   近年来,大学生出走事件时有发生。出走事件为何在大学生群体中频繁发生?厦门爱恩心理咨询中心聂鸿媛分析,不少大学生出走是因为适应不了身份转换带来的压力。“大学是孩子们过渡成为一个社会人的重要时期。在这个时期,他们的身份和责任开始慢慢转变,可能面临更多问题,诸如人际关系、学习就业等。当大学生们觉得没有信心面对这个社会的时候会选择逃避。出走就是逃避较为极端的方式,更极端的可能选择结束自己的生命。”   对此,聂鸿媛建议,对于学校来说,不仅要关心学生们的生活学习,也应该重点关注孩子们的心理健康,及时发现学生心理上的问题,并提供心理咨询等帮助。对于大学生的家长来说,则要把孩子当成一个成年人,给他们充分的尊重。给孩子们“柔软”的爱,要给予孩子适当的鼓励,让他们建立起自信和勇气。对于学生个人来说,当出现了心理困惑时,则应该主动寻求家长、老师的帮助。相关的主题文章: