World Bank China PPP reform has been a global leader

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World Bank: PPP Chinese progress reform is a global leader in U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants on 8 October, Xinhua news agency, Washington (reporter Zheng Qihang Gao Pan) China praised the government and social capital cooperation seminar held a day before the World Bank experts during the International Monetary Fund with the fall of the annual meeting (PPP) in the practice of reform made, and expressed willingness to strengthen cooperation with China in PPP projects. World Bank Vice President Lara · Tucker 7 in "PPP reform in China" seminar, China is a global leader in PPP infrastructure has been aimed at the international good practice, and established a very good policy framework, the bank is willing to help Chinese capacity-building, improve project preparation, transaction preparation ability and quality. Good control of PPP project risk. The World Bank senior economist Binyam · PPP Chinese Rhea pointed out that the reform is an important content of the overall reform of the central government, the central provinces have once decided to take action, project development faster, is facing good opportunities for development. Johns Hopki university professor Alan · · PPP Chinese traag said that the institutional capacity of rapid growth in recent years, if you can get the world bank, the United Nations and other organizations to support the China PPP project can produce more and better benefit. He expects China to become the world’s largest PPP market. Chinese deputy finance minister Shi Yaobin at the seminar said that the promotion of PPP China has three characteristics: one is the high starting point, in the top level system design PPP reform, make full use of PPP Chinese market mature experience and good practice; two is the most innovative, guide the implementation of the strategy of green low-carbon demonstration projects, encourage and social class PPP project; three is the strong foundation, establish specialized management agencies and the national PPP PPP comprehensive information platform, promote information disclosure. The Ministry of finance China PPP center director Jiao Xiaoping said that after three years of development, Chinese PPP reform to break the monopoly, the role of the release of vitality previews. This is due to China’s reference to international experience, based on national conditions, focusing on strengthening the standardization and transparency of PPP, and the PPP market has been effectively expanded. PPP reform will become China exploring the path of development, a new development model, to create an important starting point for economic development of the new engine. Editor: handsome can Cong相关的主题文章: