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Women’s attitudes toward marriage affect children’s lives! Parents have a good look at it – Sohu mother and child, I was not for you, and your father divorced." "When you find the object you have to keep your eyes open, do not look like your father, regret dead." "Men do not have a good thing, I believe that men, not as good as a pig." ………… Are these lines familiar? When I was a child, I always listen to my mother? Get along in the marriage for a long time, the two sides will break up the conflict, so quarrel, divorce. It can make trouble, but refused to divorce, called for the children. You’re comfortable with the fight, but the kid can’t digest it. Good marriage, will let the children believe that good, let the couple appreciate each other. Ready to have children! You don’t want to be a child. There are a lot of life will not be raised, and some people may not be worthy of parents. Before children, first look at what you grow up? Ready to swallow their wayward, fun and not reliable yet? A child is not born for procreation, is responsible for. If you have a child, you can’t live your life on your own, but spend most of your time with your children. If you’re going to be born and let someone else take it with you, why are you doing that?. Do not transfer the negative energy of marriage to the children a lot of couples quarrel, especially like to pull the child in. "The public said that the public mother said," the father complained to the child, "your mother is not right," in turn, the mother complained to the child, it is your father’s fault". Such a process down, not only in the middle of a child with difficulty, will probably be Mom and dad both sides confused. In the end who should listen to? What should I do? I do not use ah, mom and dad do not love me…… The number of times, the child would even think that the marriage is such a terrible thing ah, I grew up or a person to stay. This fear of marriage will always be buried deep in the child’s heart, until the child’s adult, when there is no sense of security in contact with the opposite sex, the delay can not find a reliable partner. The most frightening thing is that some couples quarrel, holding a breath, to do the wrong thing as a child fuse, the gas all over the child. The child is innocent ah, you as a parent, not only to the child not to spread positive energy, but also let the children suffer so much injustice, right? Married to improve their couples in divorce cases will say: "we two have no common topic, a week can not say a word, this day is how ah, is still not away from." Would like to have, because you have a common topic and come together, why do you live together for a while, but no words to talk about it? The best marriage is to keep pace with each other. Or to get better together, even if the deterioration of the same line, so that we can ensure that the couple will always be in a frequency of two people, there will be no one to say a point, while the other party can not understand the situation. Of course, the best thing is to see相关的主题文章: