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Women suffering from depression by the families of the dead fall against the hospital admission claim 210 thousand – Sohu news family sued the hospital dismissed claims 210 thousand yuan Express News correspondent Hu Shanxia Ye Fanghui reported a Foshan woman suffering from severe depression, drink drugs after being taken to hospital gastric lavage treatment. Unexpectedly, after less than 3 days, the woman still in the hospital in the early hours of the falls, and ultimately died from. Families that hospital fails to perform security duties, ordered the hospital to court. Yesterday, the new express reporter learned from the Foshan Nanhai District People’s court, the case has been the first instance verdict, the hospital for the death of the woman without liability. Express reporter learned that the deceased is working in Foshan Lao Zhu’s wife. She was suffering from severe depression, in February 29th drink rat poison was rushed to a hospital in Nanhai District visits, the doctor diagnosed after hospitalized gastric lavage, her condition to control. After his wife was in hospital, he and his brother took turns to the hospital. March 2nd morning, the old Zhu home to take clothes, his brother in the hospital bed nap, old Zhu wife out of the ward, after falling in the hospital two floor platform, after the rescue invalid death. Public security organs through the scene to exclude the possibility of homicide, but the specific reasons can not be judged. Lao Zhu and his family that the doctor knew his wife to drink drugs have serious suicidal thoughts, Dutch act, but did not make any orders or special care, even she will arrange in high-rise ward. To some extent, the lack of security obligation of hospital led to his wife’s death, ordered the hospital to court, asked bear 30% of the liability for the death of his wife, pay the funeral expenses, death compensation totaling more than 21 yuan. The hospital believes that the deceased was admitted to hospital because of oral medication, not because of mental illness admission. General hospital is not a professional psychiatric hospital, the family has always stressed the suffering from depression, and that the need for the hospital is suicidal diagnosed, which is obviously beyond the scope of treatment. And the hospital inpatient department only in the third floor, four floor hospital beds. The court held that, according to the hospital to provide patients "informed consent book" and "admission to prevent a fall, falling out of bed this book", the hospital has informed and asked the family to provide 24 hours of work can do accompany someone accompany, short leave should also ask others to help or care to inform the families of the deceased, actually also according to the requirements of the hospital arrange someone accompany, is only the dead while accompanying sleep machine jumping Dutch act no fault of the hospital. The final judgment dismissed all claims of the plaintiff, and Zhu and his family have appealed.相关的主题文章: