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Shanghai 5 years will increase by 300 thousand sets of low-income housing built hundreds of kilometers of underground pipe gallery: the original title in five years in the city built 100 kilometers underground pipe gallery morning news reporter Zhong Hui "in 13th Five-Year to 2020 this year" period, Shanghai will add all kinds of affordable housing supply about 300 thousand units (households); the center of the city area into two the old houses in the following transformation of 2 million 400 thousand square meters. By 2020, Shanghai will basically form a perfect system of flood drainage, sponge city construction area of 200 square kilometers…… The municipal government recently issued the "Shanghai urban construction and management of the" 13th Five-Year "plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), showing a picture of ecological environmental protection, livable sharing, safe and orderly city of the future prospect for the people. Research and development fund extraction ways of using – "planning" clear, the future will be perfect to live on, to the public, to ordinary commodity housing housing market system, support reasonable housing needs of residents, implement differentiated housing credit policies and tax policies, strictly enforce the restriction, limited credit and other policies for regulating the real estate market, curb speculative investment demand. In these five years, Shanghai will foster the development of the housing rental market, optimize purchase rental structure, and guide people to solve the housing problem by leasing. To further expand the scope of the housing provident fund system benefit. Research and development of housing provident fund extraction and utilization. Within five years of affordable housing 300 thousand sets of new – these five years, Shanghai will focus on deepening the low-cost housing, public rental housing, the total property protection housing levy resettlement housing, "four in one" purchase rental housing security system simultaneously, various types of affordable housing supply about 300 thousand units (households). The "planning" also put forward the implementation of low-cost housing and public rental housing management system; to promote affordable housing construction, the construction of science and technology innovation center with global influence and support to talent apartment building. "13th Five-Year" period, the city center completed into two old houses in the following transformation of 2 million 400 thousand square meters. Actively promote the central city sporadic two old houses in the following transformation. Start the transformation of suburban towns. 5 years to eliminate the center of the city drainage system blank – by 2020, the basic form of Shanghai ecological protection and low impact development of rainwater technology and infrastructure system, the basic form of drainage system. – by 2020, sponge city construction area of 200 square kilometers. The establishment of Shanghai city in accordance with the characteristics of the sponge city construction standards and management system, built in conjunction with urban renewal, the transformation of the old city, roads and drainage systems, such as the orderly transformation of the sponge city construction. The center of the city and suburbs of urban drainage construction standards will not be less than 5 years, the urban drainage construction standards in other areas is not less than 3 years. With 5 years to eliminate the central urban construction district drainage system gaps, and to carry out the development and support of the new suburban drainage system. Shelter and housing construction planning "in 13th Five-Year" during the preparation of the implementation plan of disaster prevention of urban and rural construction, accelerate the fall of city green space disaster prevention planning, classification advance implementation of community disaster prevention regulation 2相关的主题文章: