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With long Ying, around Canada (thirteen) Houston and Edwards plateau – Texas Texas. tourism Sohu in May 21st, if not to visit our common good friends, long Ying yesterday certainly is not the city, bypassing the city! Houston Houston traffic jam, a great test of our patience! At 4 o’clock in the afternoon we went to the nearby, until 7 o’clock around the hotel, and a small child’s time, was stuck in a small village; although Houston is Dezhou’s largest city, after all, only a population of 2 million. We sigh in the car: a small town of 2 million people are blocked into this, Beijing, a population of about ten million, it is satisfactory!" No longer curse the traffic jam in Beijing! Houston is in the same year, President Sam of the Republic of Texas · Houston (Sam Houston) named the city today to visit the Hermann Park, the statue of Houston is also the occasional thing, find the statue, but it’s been a long time for us. I thought it was a free garden, did not expect such a big Hermann Park! It is located in the southwest of downtown, covers an area of about 165 hectares; surrounded by a circle around the edifice, said: Dezhou medical center, Rice University, and many museums; there is a lot like Washington Monument of the Washington Monument Obelisk and reflection pool in the park; beside this, we actually see the rudiment of straw nest! I do not know what we have to do with the design of the Olympic Bird’s nest? Along the pool has come to an end, finally saw Sam · Houston (Sam Houston) statue, here should be the Hermann Park Front Gate. Houston is also known as the "space city (Space City)", because it is the Johnson Space Center is located, mission control center is also located here; as with the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the high tech, did not understand the English, we are visiting the reason to give up. But Yao hall is going to go! Even though Yao Ming was not there, the Americans would still say hello to us in Chinese: "be careful!". Afternoon, along highway 10 to westbound. Imperceptibly into central Texas plateau Edwards Plateau Edwards, the road walking in between, undulating Mountain Eagle Wings, an exquisite scenery. Plateau scenery is infinitely good! Just on the road to empty, around the car less, long Ying not sleepy? Our car is a "beggar" version, no sound, long Ying the biggest regret is that many of the songs he specially prepared but not be put; we have the "automatic record" car, singing refreshing! (at that time, we really do not know how long Ying recorder has been recorded with sound, if you know, definitely will not be so presumptuous! How many songs did you sing that day? From the "Hey, hey la la la la la la la….!相关的主题文章: