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Food-and-Drink Good wines are available everywhere; local wine stores, the supermarket (yes, youve read that right), large wineries and good wine stores that sell online. With so many options for the consumer, it is often hard to decide where to purchase from. These days, online wine stores are getting a lot of talk and attention. .pared to driving to their local wine shop, more and more people prefer to just log on to the internet and start ordering boxes with a few clicks. Why is that so? In this article, we’ll look at some of the trends that are driving this phenomenon. Convenience A big part of any lazy drinkers dream is to have masses of wine delivered to your doorstep. Some prefer to have their wine in a fine and classy restaurant but instead of paying restaurant prices, most others prefer to drink most of their wine in the .fort of their own home, in their rocking chair or dining table. Assuming you are the latter (which appears to be the majority), youll do well to start ordering wines online. Not only will you save lots of time, but you won’t have to lift those heavy boxes in and out of the car any more. If you live in a wine loving household, you will probably be used to multiple trips to the wine store, constantly lugging heavy crates home. Consider then, that any good wine store online will offer free shipping to your home – and save you that trouble. Availability and Selection In contrast to most local stores and wine supply chains, a good online wine store carries a variety of different unique and hard to find wines. Most boutique wines are not available through the large chains, as they produce only small quantities. This is because the small handmade boutique winemakers generally don’t make enough quantity of wine to make it worth their while. Yet it is exactly these sorts of wines – the ones made by hand and in small quantities – that are the most delicious to drink, and are usually only available online from sellers that purchase directly from the wineries. Online wine stores that stock these limited edition wines will then be able to offer them to you at a lower price, due to lower operational costs. What’s more, you can order wine easily with just a few clicks of the mouse. Aside from selection, youre also able to check for updates on their catalogues to see if there are any new wines available. Price Most online wine stores seem to sell their wines at a cheaper price, .pared to their storefront counterparts. Because they don’t have such high overheads, online wine stores are better able to pass the savings on to the customer. Coupled with free shipping, this means you can actually save quite a bit of money, especially if you buy in bulk. Automated Orders & Deliveries If you are a busy person and find yourself constantly f.etting to replenish your stock of wine for dinner, you can always email the site to arrange for scheduled orders. This works like a newspaper subscription, so you wont need to ever worry about having a dinner without wine. The wine stores online will only be more than happy to fulfil such orders for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: