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Why is the color of this tea soup as beautiful as gold? Sohu and review: there are tea tea with the Confidante received south, said feedback to us: your family this Yunnan black tea after brewing tea, golden transparent, such as the flow of gold, magnificent. What material is made Black Tea golden tea? The answer is: theaflavins. Theaflavins are a class of polyphenols from the oxidation of benzene and tropolone compounds, because there is a unique effect on reducing blood lipids, theaflavins is known as soft gold in tea "". Generally speaking, the light fermented black tea is more likely to produce theaflavins, which has an important influence on the color and flavor of black tea. Theaflavins is Black Tea soup "bright", and "Black Tea taste intensity" freshness "of the main components, the main material is composed of tea" Golden Circle ". High content of theaflavins, tea color is bright yellow, taste fresh, fresh degree is high. South Beauty Tea (public No.: nmjrtea) 2016 launch of the "Confidante" material selection of Yunnan black tea, Fengqing Dayezhong tea pure bud tip, dry tea, tight, long, uniform, full Phi golden, brewing tea after partial golden orange, bright and transparent, full of soup, fresh and sweet. A lot of goods received tea are said: tea Confidante: superior quality, sweet and delicious, lutein and beta carotene content is high, the soup color is beautiful, high degree of resistance to bubble! Tea: tea, golden, drink up sweet, sweet aroma is also very strong, than before to buy the drink, drink and buy. Tea and tea: open the package, golden color, aroma, before the bubble, I believe there will be a good experience! Studies have shown that the theaflavins content Black Tea for six kinds of the first, the Dayezhong tea due to strong carbon metabolism, metabolism of tea polyphenols, tea polyphenols, catechins, catechins and phenol, ammonia ratio, theaflavins formation in the process of processing Black Tea greater potential. By using Yunnan Dayezhong fresh leaves of Yunnan black tea theaflavins content in special, usually Chinese numerous Black Tea varieties is the highest. This kind of Yunnan black tea tea tasting consultation, collection, storage, South Beauty Tea tea please micro number: (long press copy) the exchange of learning. The mountain is most close to the old class, in fact, called the new man? The famous Pu’er tea secret – Iceland tea forgery what Pu’er Tea for deposit? (with no Feng as an example) spent ten thousand dollars to buy the old class chapter fake tea, actually also believe that is really concerned about Dong Gong said: No. dyshuocha read. This article by the tea network () first, click on the lower right corner of the subscription (free) Dong said tea相关的主题文章: