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Who is the girl that has side? It’s a foul girl! When the side hair do not know why it feels like the kind of honest have honest girl, but now is the side has super chic hair slightly, not only gentle but also by age, so as to go out tomorrow series side up! In fact, in particular to a side engendering a smart girl lining, such as the recent fan ye love side up. In the United States such as when the wedding is pierced by age side twist braid. Before and the whale close contact is the other side of sailor suit with braided hair, a feeling is still on the high school girl. Angelababy’s new hair that is the girl most is the overbearing little wife AB is double side hair braided yellow leader of the small fans, after all back to the playground when the playful side was pretty hair. Pregnant when they did not forget the beautiful Queen S love her side distribution, side braid also has a sense of messy. A Japanese woman who has the sense of pure love, today is to teach you how to build up the side of super girl! Section 1: side series long hair long hair becomes a soft romantic will become very gentle, and long hair side series will become very romantic, have high sense for a princess in a fairy tale, so long hair girls can quickly make up. Step 1 will be the first hair into 4, 6, three beam in front of the hair into a ponytail beam to the ear position; 2 to Step after the ear position will have been compiled braids through to the other side, and then the hair gently dial fluffy; Step 3 to follow the normal steps braid to boring, gently pull loose, then gently spray forming. Section 2: side series long hair becomes playful side who is assigned long hair girls patent? Short hair girl also can make the side braided hair, especially when you haven’t turned into long hair bangs in the awkward period, give it a try! Step 1 from the long side bangs splits into three strands of hair, a series of three strands, with a rubber band tied; 2 Step 21 side also a series of three strands, in the end with a rubber band tied; Step 3 will be two braids behind tied together, the hair tidy; Step 4 will last all hair tied in a ponytail, has completed the lovely side. Fiona Crawford green nourish and Repair Shampoo 188 yuan 150ml the product contains 12% precious nourishing oil formula, luxurious, creamy texture, deep nourishment after dyeing hot dry and damaged hair, make hair restore comfort and flexibility, make hair easy to comb, to restore health and vitality, silky shiny luster. For the crowd: due to hot and dry hair caused by damaged hair. A luxury black gold mask repair Schwarzkopf 76 yuan 150ml let every hair drink revitalizes keratin, reproduce healthy and dazzle Aurora from mining hair core, dazzled by the hair, gorgeous luxury very care: from the roots to the tips, infiltration hair care, weekly club experience class luxury pet care.相关的主题文章: