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When the mosquito war an invigorating autumn climate, the last crazy – Sohu baby photo from the network in a few days the weather is really very comfortable, an invigorating autumn climate! The sun shining shining day is blue green, the wind is cool, the mood is comfortable cool, half of the afternoon, it is with two Bao sun calcium good time! Small park just sit down, beside the bright young mother can’t wait on the shout: "Oh, we have liangzai mosquito bite a few mouth." Look at his head was sitting leisurely on the trolley, a pair of innocent looking bright young face, pathetic long three big red, on the arm is at least four or five bags with erythema. Liang Tsai said her mother just a friend and a pot of porridge, did not pay attention to, turned back to the car in the bright young so. This smelly mosquito, really hate the dead. Another grandmother also joined the fight against the mosquito: "yes, that is, the greater the toxicity of mosquitoes in autumn, the child a bite of a big package, not good for a few days. Looking really distressed ah!" Yes, two days ago, I also am diligent, hang a summer mosquito artifact – nets picked clean, who know that night to let mosquitoes lurk in a happy summer in my home, to the end finally sucked into the small meat tender blood, how can love heart soft in the mouth? My sleep is shallow, usually in two or three hours will wake up. When I come back to God, my family two treasure, has been bitten by the big bag of the five. Suddenly let out three Zhang distressed or anger, my teeth itch infinite, I hand in the depth of night flies, staring at a pair of eyes and myopia, nodding the head up and down to find a pair of mosquitoes, don’t beat you to death I will stop the madness. Want to see all my mother’s little baby mosquito bite the size of the bag, must be angry and anxious. Especially just spend the hot summer, the mosquito silue, most people are thought to be loosened, but mosquitoes are secretly proud snicker, buzzing toward the little meat they gave a last attack! Mosquitoes for baby harm here no longer is my treasure, two just over a hundred days, now hear the buzzing mosquitoes in his ears rang, he would immediately wake up from sleep, the baby was bitter, baby can not say, the baby cried angrily to tell me he was harassed, harassment, harassment…… Pictures from the network [baby mosquito bite to do? ] most of the baby was bitten by mosquito, especially in autumn after mosquito bites, there will be a lot of hard, red, swollen bag, easy bag down, there will be a bright small blisters, need to have a good long time to thoroughly. So, when the key after the baby bite is itching and swelling of the work. But the baby is too small, itching swelling out similar items such wind, cool oil, in the various reasons can not be used, so quickly find life in some common activities to fast processing. 1, fresh aloe aloe, use a small incision, the aloe meat paste then face the baby mosquito bag, can relieve swelling, relieve itching. Aloe gel is slightly weaker, even though.相关的主题文章: