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UnCategorized When it comes to financing your college education, scholarships can be a big help. An academic scholarship is money given to you because you’ve excelled in school. If you received an academic scholarship, it would be because you had an acceptable GPA and excelled in your studies, and the college or university wants you to continue studying at their institution. What Kind of Academic Scholarships Are Available? Academic scholarships, also called merit scholarships, are as varied as the organizations that offer them. You can get scholarships from a school you would like to attend, because you went to a public school in a geographical region, because you are a minority, or even for being left handed! There are also scholarships available through certain community organizations, such as Kiwanis, National Honor Society, the Boy Scouts of America, and some church or religious organizations, so if you are involved in an organization, you may want to ask if they offer any scholarships. One good way to find academic scholarships is to look at your skills and talents, then look for scholarships to match them. What Are the Requirements for Academic Scholarships? The requirements for individual academic scholarships vary, but basically you need to get good grades, have good attendance, and be involved in school or community activities. Most of them are based primarily on your grade point average (GPA), but often take other things into consideration, such as attendance and school or community involvement outside the classroom. Many scholarship organizations want the recipients to be well rounded students, so grades are not the only consideration. How Do I Apply for Scholarships? Most academic scholarships have some sort of application process. It may involve filling out an application form, and often includes getting letters of reference and writing an essay to submit. More prestigious scholarships may also have an interview process to select the recipient. Once you decide to apply for a particular scholarship, be sure to read the instructions carefully and submit the scholarship well before the listed deadline. If there is an essay involved, you may also want to have a teacher or guidance counselor proofread it for you, or helps you with the application, to make sure you provide the best application you can for that scholarship. There are many services online that can help you find scholarships to pay for your college education. And many of these will help you match scholarships to your individual profile and needs. Academic scholarships can be a great way to help offset the costs of your college education. Not only do they help provide funding for you, but can be a good way to highlight your skills and talents. So don’t be afraid to look into as many scholarships as you can as you prepare for college! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: