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.puters-and-Technology Western digital is a well known manufacturer of hard disk drives in this era of .puters. WD Corporation is totally .mitted towards customer satisfaction and always keeps on trying to deliver high performance, robust, trustful and consistent hard drives. Due to this strategy they are counted in the top most position among hard drive manufacturers. Storage capacity of their drives lies in TB i.e. 1024 GB that enables customers to store huge amount of data. Some of the brands like WD3200BEVT Scorpio Blue 320GB Laptop Hard Drive and WD1600BEKT Scorpio Black 160GB Laptop Hard Drive are very popular because of the following benefits : Storage capacities of above hard drives are high and can store up to half TB of data. Access time is very less i.e. 12 ms and it stores and fetches data at an average speed of 5400 RPM which is quite good. Power utilization is very low over other hard drives and consumes only 40-45% of power which makes it more economic. Western digital hard drives are eco- friendly as they can be recycled easily so as to protect our planet from technological waste. Portable digital device like digital media players, notebook .puters and external storage devices which are using western digital hard disk drive ensures high efficiency and provide full customer satisfaction. Platter surface and mechanics of these hard drives are protected by shock guard technology. The recording head that reads data from hard drives does not touch disk surface and ensures long term reliability. Proper testing is done on these hard drives before launching them into the markets so that user remains happy with these properly analyzed drives. All above benefits are more than enough to attract customers attention toward these hard disk drives. Above advantages are applied to some particular products. But there are some advantages that are applicable to all products of western digital and they are- In this fast era of .puters every body wants to do his work before deadlines but how one can achieve this? The answer is western digital in which data is accessed at relatively faster rate than other drives. Second and most important benefit is that WD hard disk drives are available online. So there is no need to spend extra time, fuel and energy in buying these hard drives from traditional retail stores. WDBAAJ0020 My Book Studio Edition 2TB is another product that is available in the market from Western Digital Corporation. Due to embedded features like eSATA connectivity and firewire 800, superb results are being delivered to customers by WD My Book Studio Edition. Size is very small and it can be backed up automatically. Another product WDH2Q40000 My Book Studio Edition II 4TB is a quad-interface, dual-drive external hard drive that speeds up the efficiency so as to provide fast editing of audios, videos and allows storage of huge data in little time. By this one can enjoy the special effects of 3D object at his .puter screen or media player screen. So, without thinking much one should spend money on WD hard drives and reap their benefits. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: