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Wenzhou glass plank guardrail rupture has not been relevant approval procedures Wen hearing yesterday, the reporter learned from the Wenzhou Pingyang County town of Ao River Administration Bureau, built in Pingyang Cangshan money the money bin glass plank yesterday was ordered to temporarily stop the use of tourism. Safety glass said, there are two road guardrail glass burst, and built using plank has not obtained the relevant approval procedures. At present, money Cangshan glass plank at the entrance has been cordoned off, off limits to tourists. Reporters learned that the glass cliff is the money bin sun team spontaneous financing construction, completed in October 1st, and there is no free open to receive tickets for profit behavior. Yesterday, the glass guardrail was found to have two signs of rupture, due to the existence of security risks, the safety supervision department immediately closed glass plank. Yesterday, the money bin sun team captain Dai Guobo told reporters that the construction of glass plank which lasted more than six months, at a cost of about 200000 yuan, built a glass plank intention is to add a view for money in Cangshan, and attract more tourists climbing fitness. Since the glass cliff opened, "every day to send someone in the path along the cliff side guard, only four or five people standing on the glass for once, but the total is not always a way to keep." Dai Guobo said, not previously know building glass plank need to go through the filing and approval departments and relevant departments will, after consultation, communication, good quality, make use of quality glass plank by tourism.相关的主题文章: