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Warm! Jiaxing, a blind massage teacher 30 years to support more than 200 poor students in the past 40 years, the accident and the failure of the 3 surgery, completely deprived of the young girl, Zhu Lihua, Jiaxing, for the future of the infinite vision, she was blind to the 18. The unexpected trouble, Zhu Lihua a wonderful dream shattered. Zhu Lihua spent All thoughts are blasted. in the dark years, until 1983, a report will be inspirational young Zhang Haidi gave her the courage of life, let her put down the burden, to regain confidence. In 1985, the Jiaxing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau under the help of Zhu Lihua to become the first batch of Zhejiang Province, Massage by a visually-impaired Therapist students, and then massage indissoluble bound with her life, also re sailing. The power of example is infinite yesterday morning, in her massage clinic, Zhu Lihua rough combing his decades of self experience, can not help but sigh: "time flies, I am 58 years old, I feel it is not easy." Along the way, has 20 years of party standing Zhu Lihua experienced unimaginable hardships. With perseverance, she devoted to learn massage techniques, a college diploma obtained through self-study, become a Chinese teacher, opened massage clinic and eager chuanbangdai, led nearly 50 blind people engaged in massage, but also to solve the employment problem of more than 20 of the blind. Her thirty years, such as one day, the patient as a loved one, for a child with cerebral palsy massage, there have been more than a hundred children from her massage bed miraculously stood up, a total of nearly 200 thousand patients with massage therapy. Glory and dream, one by one in her unremitting efforts to become a reality; and gratitude, but also for her life added a more beautiful color. She was elected as a member of the CPPCC Jiaxing, has won the Jiaxing city of Zhejiang province disabled self-improvement model, outstanding Party members, Zhejiang province "ten Zhijiang pioneer", "red boat pioneer" and other honors, in October 12, 2011, she was cordially received Chinese CDPF chairman Zhang Haidi. May 18, 2014, Zhu Lihua for the first time in his life into the Great Hall of the people, to accept the national self-improvement model recognition. "Although the eyes can not see, but I can fully appreciate the recognition of the solemn, solemn atmosphere." Said Zhu Lihua excitedly. Zhu Lihua is a person of gratitude, she often to people around talking about: the most difficult in their own time helpless, is the party organization to lend a helping hand to her. Drinking water can not forget who dug the well, therefore, for so many years, she always forget to return to society. Engaged in massage work for 30 years, she also insisted on doing charity for 30 years. In June 2006, in the city to carry out the "Lake increase glory" in the activity, she donated their basic 2 months wages, and active additional donated 10 thousand yuan, support for the construction of South Lake revolutionary memorial hall in action; after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, she donated the city’s highest a person "the special fee" – 100 thousand yuan, which caused strong repercussions in the community…… Knowledge is to change the fate of the hope "I most want to see the children out of school because of poor. Knowledge can not change the fate of 100 percent, but the master of knowledge, education, personal energy will be much larger, there will be many choices, life will naturally be more abundant, more substantial, more meaningful." Julie"相关的主题文章: