Visit to run on the road in Hebei charity groups love is willing to drive more people to devote

Visit running in Hebei public road group: May the new leather love to more people love – Tiger Dao Cun in new network old people put on donation. Li Yang photo Beijing, Shijiazhuang, November 14, (Li Yang) "now my friends together, is no longer drink chitchatting, but by the public to the taste of life." Wang Guohua said, watching the people around him more and more involved in public welfare, he was very happy. 14 morning, Hebei meteorological observatory issued a red warning of fog and haze orange signal warning in 11 cities, the province highway basic all closed. In the city of Shijiazhuang Hongqi Street and West Sanhuan junction south road, four vehicles Hebei A license plate car open the double flash, the car full of people. They are different in different age, occupation, but they are from a "sunflower charity group", will go to the Lincheng County of Xingtai City, a small village called the Tiger Village to see the village Empty Nester. As the 70 after Wang Guohua as the love of the tour leader, the so-called leader is driving in the first place, and will promptly notify the road traffic information. At 5:20 on the morning of his home from the North Second Ring, 7 points to the gathering place to wait. In the financial industry, Wang Guohua told reporters that in 2002 he started to contact the public welfare activities in Beijing, on one occasion, he told a friend to visit Bazhou to attend the "disabled veterans care activities, that gave him a very deep impression, let him know the great thing is to love others. "I took part in the first activity from curiosity, but then continued to participate, I found myself in love with public welfare activities." Wang Guohua said that he was 800 yuan a month to earn wages, to remove the parents mailed to $200, will come up with $300 to participate in public welfare activities, he felt able to do their best to help others is a happy thing. In the conversation, Wang Guohua told reporters that he often took his wife and 6 year old son to participate in public welfare activities, they also infected with a number of friends involved in the side. As a "60 after" Yang Guohua long ago in the painting sent into the campus and other activities, this is the first time he participated in the "sunflower charity group", "to those who need warmth in the winter to visit, with the most sincere love for them, I hope more people can participate in, dedication an own strength." As a 90 after Cao Xiangya is a college student, he and his classmates also rushed to the day of the trip to Xingtai. Cao Xiangya said that he and his classmates have participated in several public service activities, with their own strength to help some people in need of help, feel a lot, he is also very willing to go with love and care more and more people believe it will affect more and more people go on the road of charity. From Shijiazhuang to Xingtai Lincheng County village, had only a hundred kilometers road for more than an hour, because of the weather for over three hours, in the process of driving, driving in some sections of visibility less than 50 meters. As a "leader" Wang Guohua arrived in the village, with a smile to say such a word, "sunflower Xiangyang, forever)相关的主题文章: