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Software When I started using video editing software a couple of years ago, I found that most of the programs that were available to me were way too complicated and took a long time to learn. This being the case, I kept searching for an easy-to-use video editor that would allow me to create movies in a matter of minutes, instead of hours, or even days! I always have a tough time trying to come up with that perfect gift for my friends and family, and my moms birthday was coming up. I wanted to give her something truly special and while looking online I stumbled across a video editor called muvee Reveal. What it allowed me to do is to create a special movie collage out of some old photos and home videos for my mom, and I was amazed at how easy it was to put together a high-definition (HD), very good quality video and burn it onto a DVD for her. I also have videos from my Flip camera of my nieces and nephews from last years Easter egg hunt. I used muvee Reveal to mix these home videos with some still photos, and again I was amazed at the results. The best part is everyone in my family loved them! As an keen video editor, I was very happy to discover a simple and quick way to do high-quality, crystal-clear HD video editing in just a few clicks. The end product looks like Ive spent hours on it but it only takes minutes to do. After using this video editing software, I dont know if Id ever go back to other, more complicated editing. All these videos Ive created for my family and loved ones will be even more valuable years down the road and will remind us all of the special moments weve shared together. This gift is a sure winner for any occasion, and its super-easy to use. Check it out by downloading the free 15-day trial of muvee Reveal and see for yourself how your pictures come alive on screen. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: