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Valin Iron and steel "steel for financial plan to further refine the hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: Valin asset restructuring program the most simple way to pick up the money market securities times reporter Yang Zhuo Qing Hu Feijun concern basically finalized. The major asset restructuring since Valin steel was established, the largest deal "project design", the transaction amount is large, involves extensive and complex solutions are hitherto unknown but also ended the asset restructuring of state-owned enterprises, Hunan province is currently the largest program. According to the latest restructuring plan announced before the day, 8 billion 400 million yuan to raise funds after deducting costs of intermediaries, will be used to inject the assets of finance capital investment. Specifically, it will increase 5 billion 900 million yuan for the wealth of securities, the Hunan trust capital increase of $1 billion 500 million, an increase of $1 billion for the auspicious life. Steel for financial plan refinement as Hunan’s largest steel company, the main production and sales of Valin steel billet, seamless steel pipe, wire and other products, annual production of 16 million tons of iron, 18 million 100 thousand tons of crude steel, 18 million 300 thousand tons of steel. The actual control of Hunan sasac. Since last year, the steel industry overcapacity, Valin steel into a loss, net profit last year, a loss of nearly 3 billion yuan, the first half of this year to a loss of 946 million yuan. In July this year, Valin steel announced the replacement of assets, including the issue of shares to buy assets and raise matching funds package plan, investors find everything fresh and new. According to the latest draft plan of asset restructuring, Valin Steel Listed Companies in addition to Xiangtan will take such except set out all the assets and liabilities, and Valin Group held 100% stake in Valin energy, wealth, wealth 24.58% equity securities 13.41% equity securities will be placed in the listed company. In addition, Valin steel plans by way of non-public offering of shares, the purchase of Finance Holdings held the finance investment 100% stake and Shenzhen moist the wealth held 3.51% equity securities, the transaction price of 8 billion 510 million yuan. Also to the Valin Valin steel holding non-public offering of shares to raise funds of about 8 billion 400 million yuan. To this end, Valin steel planned non-public offering of shares to 4 billion 650 million shares, issue price of 3.63 yuan per share. The industry believes that the steel industry overcapacity serious losses in the iron and steel enterprises, Valin steel by injecting financial assets and power generation assets, to broaden the source of profit and sustainable development. Two institutions registered capital doubled compared to July announced plans, the new restructuring plan in the Valin steel auspicious life 9.07% stake, which makes the total placement of assets reached 13 billion 960 million yuan, an increase of 250 million yuan compared to the previous. This means that the placement of Valin steel new assets in addition to the valuation of 1 billion 300 million yuan in Xiangtan for energy-saving power generation assets, the remaining 12 billion 660 million yuan are trust, brokerage and insurance and other financial assets, no longer included prior to the steel business. Securities Times reporter相关的主题文章: