University of cycling! Inner Mongolia guy 20 days riding more than 1 thousand and 600 kilometers

University of cycling! Inner Mongolia guy 20 days riding more than 1 thousand and 600 km network red data in the past few days, the Qingdao Technological University Qindao college campus fire a guy riding. Just over eighteen years old, he came from Inner Mongolia, Baotou to report, which lasted for 20 days, riding a distance of more than 1 thousand and 600 kilometers, he is a new member of the Department of economics and trade, Zhang Tiancheng, class 2016. Reporter Sheffi correspondent Song Jingjing yelia ride go "riding" seem to be born with a youthful romance, and Zhang Tiancheng said, riding to school is a whim father — "my dad if I always play computer". In August 10th, the father and the son a mountain bike, starting from Baotou. Today, the color of the skin is much darker than the average person, and he smiled and said, I was not so black!" Before starting, Zhang and his father Tiancheng prepared, they carry the glue, fix the tire inflator, hammock and other gadgets. Zhang Tiancheng’s mother is prepared sufficient medicines have Huoxiangzhengqi water, Yunnan Baiyao, iodophor, gauze, cold medicine, "God take care of us, all the way all the medicine had never opened!" Zhang Tiancheng said with a smile. Zhang Tiancheng and his father riding do not spell speed, less than 8 every morning to start, the most late to the afternoon of 5 when the rest. The father and the son on the road with a small box, have kept their father and son love songs. Chapter day said: "my dad’s physical strength is not good, but he has been slowly hold on, let me feel particularly at ease, my dad!" Asked if he has not thought of giving up, Zhang Tiancheng said, "I put the whole decomposition into smaller goals one by one, one by one to achieve, not so much pressure." I firmly determined to ride chapter Tiancheng said, along the way, the biggest trouble is the repair, because the tools and technology limited, sometimes takes a few hours. However, the most talked about is the way he met happy things. Go to Beijing, Tianjin, but also to the city to stroll around, I particularly like the Nankai University, look at these universities have determined my determination." August 26th arrived in Binzhou, because the father home went home early, Tiancheng chapter alone ride to Qingdao. Talk about the riding the greatest feeling, chapter Tiancheng frankly, "now a bicycle ride on the vomiting, not the recent!" Zhang Tiancheng told us that the ride is still dangerous, along the way there are a number of very fast to open a large truck wiped me over, very scary. Some roads are not particularly good, there are some dangerous." One day and the chapter said, "you fire!" Zhang Tiancheng doesn’t think so. On the road, my father would always send a circle of friends, I think there is no need!" In August 28th, Zhang Tiancheng arrived at the border of Qingdao, he made this way only a circle of friends, with the text of only six words – "no words of excitement". At noon on August 29th, he successfully came to Qindao college. Mentioned the plans for the next four years, the day said, hope to find their love of things, a little bit to do, like riding like this. For example, always wanted to learn the guitar, you can learn it." He said, "if the entrance examination, or will go to school by bike)相关的主题文章: