Unequal childhood, the decision of the children’s class three things more important than money! Sohu-dingxiangwuyuetian

Unequal childhood, the decision of the children’s class three things more important than money! – Sohu maternal and child in the middle class parents of all kinds of anxiety, the endless investment in education can be described as "not"". The current popular view that, from childhood, if the parents are not in place, the child’s future in the community will be blocked up the channel. Wu Taibai, a sociology professor at University of Chicago in the United States did not see this, in his view, there are three things is the focus of family education, and little relationship with capital investment. The ability to communicate, express and deal with people is the most important cultural capital of a family. The ability to communicate, express, and deal with people, these things are not directly related to economic capital, but it is a very important family cultural capital. In addition to economic capital, there are three things that will affect the child’s achievement: one is family planning, children are "sheep", or to participate in the activities of the rich; the two is to learn to use the language, logic is encouraged to express themselves, or are required to obey the three parents is silent; with the authority of the exchange, is to actively guide the child and teacher exchanges, or to avoid the teacher, the teacher completely throw discipline. The traditional "China type counter attack", is the protagonist was born poor, very studious, sit the bench for ten years, some day in the future achieve success and win recognition, homecoming. However, this inspirational story slowly was put into the dustbin, the reality of the counter attack has become more and more difficult. At present, many studies have shown that blocked the rising channel at the bottom of society to a certain extent, the poor child was born almost at the starting line is far behind their peers. Some studies have pointed out that the rich children’s income will be nearly two times higher than the poor children, while wealth inheritance is the main factor. Think like this. Rich children inherit a house within the city of Victoria, Beijing, perhaps the poor children can not earn a lifetime astronomical figures. However, to think calmly, if other conditions remain unchanged, rich children did not inherit the estate, he will become poor? If the one million poor children in front of drop from the clouds, fell, he would turn as CEO, marry white Formica onto the pinnacle of life? The two questions are directed at the core: is it just about the money or the rich? If it is the problem of more money and less, then through the redistribution of regulation, improve the welfare of the poor, it seems to be able to solve most of the problems. However, the American scholar Annette (Annette Lareau) · laru research point to another answer: in the course of reproduction, poor families and middle-class families, the difference is not only reflected in the accumulation of wealth, more important is the education of children and the way of logic. The "unequal Childhoods: class, race and family life" rich family education in different ways of money is not the only problem. Through years of research and interviews in Lalu "unequal Childhoods: class, race and family life" (Unequal Childhoods: Class, race.相关的主题文章: