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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews The remote control helicopters of Quadrocopter is the latest development in the segment of RC helicopters specifically in the radio controlled vertical lift platforms that take off vertically, flys in all directions and hovers. The name Quadrocopter .es from the bare fact that there are four propellers organized in a cross type configuration. The propellers are fixed pitch where two will spin counter clockwise and the other two spin clockwise. The Quadrocopter RC helis four directional movement is made possible by the spinning of the four propellers at different speeds. The four directional movements include left/right movement, hover, yaw and forward/backward movement. There are other designs of the Quadrocopter remote control helicopters with three propellers arranged in a triangle configuration or six propellers arranged in a hexagonal configuration or even eight propellers. The quad type is the most .mon. The RC Quadrocopters are .plex and need heavy processing power for accurate control of the four propellers to be able to move the bird around and also be stable enough. In order to over.e directional stability, the Quadrocopter is equipped with solid state gyro and accelerometer technology, efficient and quick response brushless motors and coupled with small micro processor that deals with hundreds of control .mands and calculations every second. The remote control helicopters of Quadrocopters type are not build for performance but specialized to perform any fancy aerobatics thanks to its .puting power that keeps this RC bird airborne. The fixed pitch propellers included in the Quadrocopters makes it impossible to achieve inverted flight. As time passes by improved technology brings about more efficient electronic sensors and efficient processing power to make it possible for a 3D flight and accuracy. Performance in 3D flight is still in the development stages. The RC Quadrocopters are so sophisticated in that in actual sense one does not fly or control them the same way as conventional RC helis but are rather like aerial robots. Flying the Quad birds is like telling them what to do. This is made possible by the sophisticated electronics and programming which are 100% responsible for the real flying. The Quadrocopter remote control helicopters make wonderful first time RC helis if one wants an easy flying experience to start with and not interested in flight characteristics, or the feeling of being in true control. The Quads are flying robots and therefore do all the hard work for you when it .es to flying. All one does during flying is give directional .mands and the Quad bird will obey. The Quad birds wont fly past the programmed parameters. This makes it impossible to get it in an environment where the attitude of fly can cause a crash. A person who does not have interest in real conventional RC helicopter feel or look but just want to fly by radio control can have fun with an RC Quadrocopter. The .plex nature of electronics of the Quad birds makes them costly but prices are dropping sharply due to miniaturization and mass production of electronics. An example of an RC Quad heli is the Parrots AR Drone. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: