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U.S. media: North Korea Internet list of accidental exposure of a total of 28 Sohu Website News Reference News Network September 23rd U.S. media reported that 19 afternoon, a man named Matt? Safety Engineer Bryant accidentally discovered — a part of the Internet in the world very secretive Internet sites list of Korean people use the list show a total of only 28 sites. According to the National Public Radio Website on September 21st reported that Bryant provides a list of every web site in the end of the.KP, which is related to the country code. Reported that there are about 149 million 900 thousand sites in the end of the country code, such as the end of.De on behalf of Germany, the end of the representative of china. According to VeriSign’s latest report, with more than 10 million. At the end, North Korea’s Internet scale seems to be really small. When Bryant found this list, he is working for a project in GitHub company, the company engineers like him are organized on the Internet in different part of the query, and published results, motivation of this work is to understand the global Internet. 20, 2009, GitHub announced the North Korea’s these 28 sites. Later, the list appeared on the website of the American social news and entertainment website, where people began to explore and discuss their findings. As of 21, the United States, the motherboard website reported that many of these sites due to excessive browsing and paralysis. Reported that most of the sites are very boring, the content is mostly about publicity, news and education. Bryant said the "main board" website in an e-mail: "now, we have a complete list of domain names on the country, surprising (perhaps not surprising) is a short list."相关的主题文章: