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U.S. media: Indonesia’s president, said the need to talk about the South China Sea that stable economic growth data figure: the Indonesian navy had sunk ships seized cross-border fishing vessels Reference News Network November 7th U.S. media reported that the Indonesian President Djoko Widodo said · will not budge on the issue of sovereignty. According to Bloomberg News website reported on November 5th, zuoke told reporters, is rich in natural gas resources in Natuna Islands is our territory". Reported that Indonesia in its neighboring countries and China’s territorial disputes in the South China Sea has been neutral. Djoko said that recently he made several visits including the Natuna area, where the cabinet meeting held on a warship. The Indonesian military has also expanded its presence in the region. At present, Philippines’s new president Duthel Te eased the tone in the Philippines in the South China Sea dispute, Malaysia’s prime minister Naguib visited last week Chinese, and signed a series of agreements, including an agreement to buy warships. Regarding the question of whether China is a factor in creating unrest in Southeast Asia, Djoko said he had discussed the issue with China several times. He said: we need a better economic growth, if there is no stability, there will be no economic growth."相关的主题文章: