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Trump first met Obama hailed it as "very good" original title: Trump? For the first time that Mr Obama is "very good" [global network reporter Chashi] according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported on November 11th, President Obama met with President elect Trump in the Oval Office, the two sides changed the tit for tat elections, Obama helped Trump out of China media, Trump praised Obama is "very good people". This is the first time two people close face-to-face meetings of two people, nearly 1.5 hours after the talks, in the multimedia witness, first issued a statement Obama said, "we have a very good talk, in addition to talking about the White House in the organizational arrangements and other issues, he and Trump also discussed many issues related to the interior and foreign policy. Obama pointed out that Trump expressed his desire to be able to face a lot of problems facing the country and his team, he was "inspired", and he will do everything possible to assist in the handover of Trump. Mr Obama said it was important to put aside partisan and political preferences and work together to meet challenges. According to previous reports, during the election campaign, Obama had criticized Trump, not qualified to be president, there is no presidential kind, so he has a password to start nuclear weapons is dangerous". Trump had accused Obama of Islamic state (IS) founder, Trump also said that if Obama saw the first to say that "you (Obama) fired" (Trump’s reality show: You are fired!). But in the course of the meeting, he said he had never met face to face Obama: "Mr. President, it’s a pleasure to meet you". Trump said the two men also talked about many issues and "many of his past (Obama) achieved remarkable achievements," and he also explained to him on a number of difficult issues on the agenda, and he also explained that he had a lot of difficult issues. Although the two sides not much overlap in the media before the eyes, but the last two people shake hands when the media tried to ask questions, thanks to the media on the side of Obama, and said he will not accept questions, please leave immediately, while experience like pat Trump’s arm and told him, "like this when not answering their questions". Trump smiled and nodded and said, "this is the first lesson". Then Obama said to the media for learning. Chaos, a reporter Wen Trump think how Obama? He said two times that Obama was a very good man". Editor: Chen Chen SN225相关的主题文章: