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Photography A small piece of advice for proper handling of fine art oil paintings! Importance of handling fine art oil paintings: If you are fond of oil paintings and have bought one for your house, it is important to handle it carefully. Holding such paintings carefully is very important. Ensure that your hands are free from grease or any lotions while holding these paintings. If your painting is unframed, use tissue or gloves to carry it so that there are no marks of bare fingers on it. Ensure proper framing of fine art oil paintings: Framing of these oil paintings must be done properly and higher quality of affordable and acid free materials must be used to prepare the frame. When you are buying such an expensive painting, do not take chance by choosing any wrong frame. Good quality frame purchased by you will be worth its cost. Hang fine art oil paintings: In order to obtain optimum visual effect from these paintings, it is better to hang them on a bare wall. To hang these paintings, you must use good quality strands, picture wire or heavy duty hooks of wall. For huge paintings, it is better to use two hooks so that it gets a proper support. It will ensure safety of your frame. Avoid direct light: It is important to protect fine art oil paintings from effect of direct light on it. Direct sunlight falling on it can harm its appearance. Hence, such paintings should be placed in rooms where there are curtains or blinds placed. Safety from bad climate: Fine art oil paintings are quite sensitive to all kinds of climatic changes. Any kind of sudden temperature change can have an adverse affect on oil painting displayed by you. Especially if you are located in any coastal areas, it is always better to make use of de- humidifier. Cleaning regularly: Regular cleaning of fine art oil paintings is important but it should be very gentle. If you find anything stuck to the painting; call professional to clean it up. Avoid accidental damage: In case, you find that your painting meets with any kind of accidental damages, seek an expert advice immediately. It is also a good option to insure your paintings to get easy recovery if any accident occurs. Polish your oil paintings: If you own a 100% hand painted oil paintings, it is very important to polish it regularly. This helps in enhancing the surface luster which it loses after a period of time. Offering a shiny appearance to your paintings can also be helpful to retain the value of paintings for years together. With all above mentioned tips in mind, you can ensure that your oil paintings retains its shine and look for long years! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: