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Took so long not progress? The eight trick is to improve your photography. Photography is not only an art, but also a technique. Like any other kind of occupation skill, but also need to continue to improve the promotion of photography. No one can say that the level of their camera has been perfect, as long as there is 1% space, we have to strive to upgrade. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an ordinary photographer, don’t give up because you feel like you have enough. However, the pictures you’ll have this feeling, after shooting for a period of time, will fall into the bottleneck period, because of their habit of taking pictures and thinking of you, imagination can’t be extended, you find it difficult to break through this dilemma. How to get rid of the bottleneck in the comfort zone and let your photography technology to a higher level. Here I will provide eight ways to help you better exercise their photography skills. 1 only fixed focal lens shooting, although the appearance of the zoom lens is very convenient for us to shoot the work, we can not change the lens on the premise of the arbitrary choice of the focal point of their own. More than a mirror to go around the world do not have to drag a heavy camera bag everywhere. But have you ever thought that it is this convenience that leads to your inert thinking and limits your imagination. The traditional fixed focus lens still has its own unique advantages. The most important point, is to let us become more diligent, they should focus on in order to let go, subject to better posture were shot out, we need to observe, to walk, to need to rely on the composition, constantly moving to search for the best shooting angle. When you take pictures outside, it is recommended to use a fixed focus lens, in the impetuous society to slow down, quiet down to enjoy the process of photography. Of course, the benefits of fixed lens only so far, fixed lenses tend to have larger aperture, so that you can absorb more light in the dark environment, so you can shoot more, have more space to play. The structure of the fixed focus lens is easier than the zoom lens, and the optical design in the fixed frame is more outstanding. Large aperture can bring a shallow depth of field more charming. More importantly, the focus lens is often much cheaper than the same quality zoom lens. 2 in the worst condition of shooting this sentence sounds paradoxical, as a photographer, we must choose the best condition, the best time to shoot, especially for the light of the requirements especially harsh. However, we say here is your photography skills training, in order to temper your photography, in the worst shooting environment is a good method, it can effectively help you deal with training ability under different conditions, can make you have more open ideas, thoughts and ideas to show the scene. If you want to be a professional photographer, then you can not be a perfect condition for every shot, you have to train your ability to control the environment in adversity. For example, if you like to shoot landscape photography, then you.相关的主题文章: