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Today the first test   "dream" between the beautiful Promo hits game original title: first test today "dream" between the beautiful Promo hit today, perfect world’s first women to "dream" Mobile Games officially open a limited number of the first test. At the same time, dream PV exposure, four scenes, 19 games, 38 in CV on the role of collective appearance. A man like jade, son of the unique, has been invited to the dreams of people today please 14:00 gathered in the "dream" between Mobile Games, experience the mysterious "five sword realm", the beginning of "crackling" dream trip! [China Wind weapon Dream Tour] open aesthetic personification "dream collection" Mobile Games to the classic martial arts culture as the cornerstone of Chinese, with the most popular games will be known as the personification of China weapons, and the "dream" among many other popular artists invited into the "Wulin", "mood to strong and beautiful scene of the original painting figures of different vertical landscape painting, antique and various weapons aesthetic feature highlights the difference between sensory experience for the game player. [top Japanese sword to seiyuu lineup CV] in synchronous exposure "dream" between the first test period, N38, voice will bring a high voice for auditory feast party. Chinese seiyuu invited Wu Lei, Zhao Ling, A Jie, Jiang Guangtao, Ma Yufei, Su Shangqing, Zhongyang baomu, Yang Tianxiang, Peng Yao, Zhang Lu, Zhao Zhen, Wu Lingyun, Li Longbin, Cao Xupeng, Wang Lei, Zhang?, Li Lu, Ma Xiaoji, Zhao Hongchen etc.. Japanese seiyuu invited Ono Yuki, Nakamura Yuichi, Sugita Tomokazu, Yu, Kobayashi Yusuke, Shan? Your big Hui, Miyada Yukiki, Kimura Ryohei, Higashiyama Nao, Maeno Chiaki, Taniyama Kiaki, energy-saving, Mehara Yuichiro, Nakai Kazuya, Kakihara? Also, well? Namikawa Daisuke, Hosotani Kamasa, Moriku Hoyoshitaro, etc.. (Shen Guangqian, commissioning editor Zhao Chao) original title: first test today "dream set" beautiful Promo to hit Japanese sword first exposure seiyuu vocals Nojima Hiroshi played the role of a sword to Japanese seiyuu first exposure today, by the "pool of wild people speed dubbing vocals Shima Hiroshi shakugan no Shana". In the dream set in the hand tour with the Chinese and Japanese two kinds of voice packets, players can choose according to their preferences. Exquisite figure painting and portrait vocals made top seiyuu plump characters, will bring a immersive gaming experience for you dreamer. Live2D [true] heart fingers nimble vividly in "dream" between Mobile Games using the most advanced Live2D technology, so that the role of the game to break through the wall and dimension in real life you have true interaction. In this smart dream world, the heart can touch the love game player role role will respond differently according to the location of the touch game player and the strength, and not the same atmosphere of dialogue. [multi line ups and the story fascinating role of a secret to you] to explore the unknown world, unknown to you to explore the content of the "dream" of the Mobile Games set a world known as the "five sword realm", which is the expansion of a magic sword reach the acme of perfection. Here, all the weapons are melting spiritualisation shape, have their own consciousness and)相关的主题文章: