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To take a look at it is difficult to forget! These cars are not only practical personality! Sohu cars currently on the market models of Ling Lang everywhere, in recent years SUV models began to fire, a large number of manufacturers put a huge amount of money to develop SUV models, the choice of consumers have more choices. Here, the first professor for those consumers with choice disorder a minute of silence. But today the professor talking about these models, in the current market is the presence of a BUG, a lot of cars are their own market segments or the only leader. These exist in the car market, for consumers will choose disorder is a very good news, as long as you set the Car Buying requirements, you will find that your choice is the one and only then. These models in the market compared to the car models, is a docile puppy and a bit like the dog, there is no comparability. Geely imperial GS price: 7.78-10.88 million believe that the current independent brand, no one can be compared with Geely, a large number of new models listed, some popular models of consumer demand to wait a few months to mention cars. And in the very hot SUV market is put in a variety of models, but today the professor to say Bo is not more, but below the 100 thousand level among the very obvious advantages of the imperial GS. In the current SUV Coupe models have attracted more and more attention, whether it is a joint venture or independent models, imperial GS has a very big advantage in this price range, interior design and fashion design of the family it is not to become a hot consumer in the mouth. Just now, the double clutch gearbox durability remains to be seen, and the 100 thousand level, the consumer is considered more practical, the back of the head space is its weak imperial GS. Benz CLA price: 26.60-37.80 professor said Benz CLA is the market segment of the BUG should not many people do not agree, now rival Audi A3 has made prices much lower, but the A3 family is too rare indeed some personality elements, so the overall attention compared to CLA is really bad far away. And compared to competitors, CLA diamond star network is really stylish and personality coexist, frameless door is also loaded with weapons. Although the Benz has always been not to operate at just how many people buy it, consumers will be used to drag racing, with yen value can make you most willing to dig money. BMW 3 series GT price: 39.80-66.70 million to say that there is no rival on the market, it should be BMW’s GT series. By the year 5 of the GT market is not optimistic about the situation, and now began to be in the series also began to extend the version of the GT, BMW hand faster than competitors. After all, such a market segment GT is not large, BMW took it all. There may be a lot of people asked why the professor does not separate out the 5 series GT speak, after all, it is the market segments.相关的主题文章: