Tips For Failure-exit safe mode

UnCategorized Every person alive has experienced some kind of failure at some stage or the other of their lives. There are Jonah days when everything seems to go wrong one after the other, and you feel it’s just not your day. Typically, when you reflect in such a situation, you tend to notice only the failures that have .e your way. You start thinking and believing that your whole life is nothing but a mass of failures. This is not the right way of thinking. Understand your fear- the nature, the cause what you have to do first is to accept that you are afraid of things not falling into the right place. Look back on your past. There must have been times when you had a bright idea but never got around to working on it, or left a project midway through. Of course there may have been insurmountable difficulties but wasn’t there an element of lost confidence too? Success and failure are interrelated. One cannot do without the other. Sometimes, you blame everything on obstacles and don’t even do your bit. Success will .e once you have worked your way around obstacles. Fear of failure .es from bad opinions of yourself. You tend to suffer from feelings of low self esteem. Improve your notions of your own abilities. You will work much better and much more confidently. Why do people suffer low self esteem? If you did not have a family or friends who were not supportive enough, or did not appreciate your efforts at academics or other activities when you were young, you may have developed a wrong concept about yourself. You may believe that however much you do, you will never reach success. You won’t even want to put your heart and soul into any project because you think it is bound to be a failure. You have to leave the past as it is and start thinking independently. View yourself as a fresh, brand new person. Pinpoint all that is positive in you and for a while, ignore the negatives in you. Read self help books. This will help boost your opinion of yourself and help you see yourself as a capable individual. Remember, what others say is less important than your own idea of yourself. Your loved ones will tell you that they want the best for you, but only you can decide what’s working for you and what isn’t. Your friends and family may have a way of showing your entire ideas and projects ion a negative light. If this is the case, avoid consultation with them about your affairs. Do things independently. This will help you retain all your faith in yourself as a person. Find true friends who actually offer support in all you do. If you have trouble finding people like this, you may want to consult a counselor or a coach. Take failure as a part of the learning process. Always remember that failure is the stepping stone to success. All successful endeavors are preceded by failure in some form. As Colin Powell put it, success follows from preparation, hard work, and the lessons you have learnt from failure. Action Step Focus on your past successes. Then recall how many failures it took to reach that acme. We just told about the five ways to over.e failure and achieve success. Adapt these ideas to suit you best and pout them to use. You will reach your destination a lot more easily if you work this way. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: