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Three benefits, three drawbacks, three errors in painless childbirth, you know – Sohu for maternal pregnant women, delivery for them, the greatest fear is that pain. Especially in the online crazy pass labor pain is like a broken finger feeling after the age of more than and 20, did not have suffered even more scared little girl. How to do, painless childbirth in the delivery room has become a real life-saving straw. "Just as small, about painless childbirth?" "I think our small, painless childbirth, but my mother-in-law said, will affect the fetus, is it true?" "Just as small, painless childbirth and sequela?" In fact, painless childbirth in our delivery room called labor analgesia. There are many ways for maternal analgesia, anesthesia and local anesthesia, acupuncture, auxiliary midwives and so on, but now the most popular in the world, is epidural analgesia. This method is operated by the hospital anesthetist, anaesthetist will be epidural spinal needle insertion of pregnant women, carrying on the needle catheter, the epidural space, then the anesthesiologist will belted back catheter fixation in pregnant women, the other end of the connecting pipe anesthesia pump, pregnant women can control their adjustment the dosage of anesthesia. Painless childbirth of the whole process is completed by the anesthesiologist and obstetrics and Gynecology, the normal painless childbirth can be carried out in the delivery room, operation room operation. There are three advantages of painless childbirth, first, can reduce the pain of pregnant women, is conducive to the smooth delivery. Painless childbirth, in about 10 minutes after administration, women feel a strong pain of uterine contractions, can feel the pain is like slight abdominal pain during menstruation. To give a drug, the effect lasted about 1.5 hours, or even longer, after the pain has been felt after the application of the analgesic pump to continue to give the mother, self-control analgesia, so repeatedly, until the end of childbirth. The second advantage is convenient, because the drug concentration is very low, almost does not affect the motor function of pregnant women, so the doctor’s permission for pregnant women can get out of bed activities; in addition, pregnant women can control self medication according to the degree of pain, truly individualized, so it is very convenient. Third, the protection of pregnant women and fetuses. Data show that when the body feel severe pain when it releases a substance called catecholamines, this material can have adverse effects on maternal and fetal, neonatal blood and oxygen supply may be affected. So, painless childbirth can reduce the risk of fetal hypoxia. Then revealed a little secret, in the delivery room, almost all of the medical staff, their children, will require painless childbirth, painless childbirth in our country’s popularization rate of less than three, while in Europe, has more than 80%. Of course, any technology has a negative side, painless childbirth also has its drawbacks, the first is not a good place for painless childbirth, not really painless. Epidural anesthesia is not really painless, just to reduce the pain, there is a medicine that are not used for uterine contraction pain, the pain or the pain, some people do not cause pain and her own pain and high level of anesthesia doctors is relevant.相关的主题文章: