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This week Ren Zhengfei Feng comment: busy building laboratory, Luo every day busy rumor – welcome to the science and technology Sohu this week this week is on front, everywhere ah: all kinds of rumors, hearsay speculation, YY. Of course, There are no waves without wind., there are rumors where there are a lot more or less, there can not be described. This does not, the recent news that millet to buy hammer. Alas, the brain made up the picture can not imagine: millet + rifles, hammer + sickle, the image of the Communist Party of the whole world to shine. Wait, not the hammer has been part of the shares sold to Ali? Why do you want to join millet. Some people say that Ali holds hammer technology claims, mainly for the layout of Ali cloud, and unrelated to the mobile phone business. In the last month, there is news that the hammer is LETV acquisition, Luo denied. In the end there is no millet and then this transaction, hammer technology responded by saying: "It is sheer fiction.". Zhao Hejuan: wait for the moment the hammer T3 out of the pot, respect everyone who has a dream to do things seriously. Ding Ding love machine: acquisition acquisition, see Luo’s meaning is the most important, now see Luo also want to continue to take control of the company, only Ali and Ali cooperation, only responsible for investment and marketing planning, and old or what they say, this is the Luo Luo powder and want to see, let millet and music collection the hammer, hammer or frozen, or the old kick from management. Rumors are rumors, hammer situation is indeed worrying, hammer phone in 2015 net loss of 462 million yuan. Compared to the hammer, Samsung seems to be worse, trouble continues, eventually evolved into the entertainment news all product failures, a variety of scripts and overwhelming, everyone knows. HUAWEI last week to help people stop bullets successfully staged drama, soaring reputation. Recently, HUAWEI announced to fix a knife, in-depth cooperation with Leica, jointly set up a laboratory, and Ren Zhengfei personally, the most important is that this cooperation is not only for the camera. Fish — Ziqian: HUAWEI P9 is one of HUAWEI’s most high-end mobile phone was released, so long to sell 6 million, apple Samsung a machine sold tens of millions of HUAWEI in the global recognition or a gap. In addition to rumors of hammer, there is news that Baidu Nuomi, takeaway into the United States mission, while Ctrip 30% shares sold to the U.S. group, the merger news will be announced in October 9th. The new general manager of hotel tourism group accommodation division Guo Qing said that the new accommodation business merger rumors are rumors opponent. Grunting goo Lu Lu: drops before the excellent step is not rumor, or later. Of course, this week triggered a tsunami is undoubtedly the largest public platform WeChat small program, that is, before the rumors of the application number. Lai Xinliang: new ecology, Webapp, future trend, W3C years of the implementation of HTML5 is committed to achieve the goal of Tencent in the W3C member of H5 standards in the field to do a lot of work and the layout of相关的主题文章: