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This store has the old altar pickled fish pot delicious food and drink – Sohu located in Huli Wanda Plaza, 3 floor of the restaurant to pick up long, elegant environment, greenery, the shop wall stood the shelves, books and all kinds of canned fruits and vegetables, a tone of feeling…… Deep-sea grouper fish pot to do? Is it very luxurious? Deep sea fish protein content is relatively high, low fat content, nutrient rich, eat more is not afraid of fat. There is full of collagen, very suitable for girls. The store is soup with tomatoes, pickled cabbage, spicy Sichuan, sauerkraut and dry fish, we had their own love the taste of pickled fish pot. Pickled fish pot: the fish is relatively high quality and inexpensive gentian grouper fish, meat quality is delicate, no thorns. The old altar pickled sour fish rich taste delicious, cool light. A mouthful of fish soup, enough to cause appetite. A cool tune: Steamed Chicken with Chili Sauce, black fungus. The store and pineapple and banana cake cake can be selected. If the flesh can be a little bit more taste will be more NICE ~ otherwise squeezed mango juice and corn juice, corn juice a little lighter, recommended mango juice. In green eating deep sea fish, and bestie talk is a pretty good choice. Name: Address: Room No. 4666 pick Long Lake Wanda Plaza Xianyue Road Pedestrian Street 3 floor No. 303相关的主题文章: