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This is definitely the second Xiamen cuisine! Sohu and Xiamen in memory of delicacy, full of earthly fireworks marketplace breath. But this time, Manchuria window glass, color tile, old old objects…… In the tell time and the memory of the old Xiamen delicacy. Xiamen is one of the classic shoots frozen soil: old Xiamen snacks, refreshing taste Q bomb, accompanied by mustard acid, white radish, delicious attractive. Fried oyster fried: fried oyster and oyster pancake, is a classic Taiwanese special snack, Xianxiang delicious, wrapped in egg oyster delicate tender, crispy and delicious. The garlic sauce poured into the bowl, sprinkle coriander and sour radish, good taste. Braised taro: Delicious Fujian essential areca Spring Festival people. With Braised pork in brown sauce braised through a pot of flavor, soft waxy flavor, it is delicious that swallow slobber. Xiamen Griddle Cake: also called a spring roll, is the southern region of traditional snacks. With dough wrapped stuffing, taste soft and delicious, but not greasy, unique flavor. Stuffing mainly in cabbage, carrots, pork, shrimp, bamboo shoots, etc.. The soup can Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil: Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil rich soup delicious soup, milk white spicy, meat tenderness just good. Add a line to Xiamen, the match is duly completed. Dry bean juice? Spring bud: bamboo shoots taste delicate, crisp crisp. Gai Lan Angus: Satay beef satay from Xiamen is a spice daily, delicate taste of Angus beef served with barbecue sauce, Swiss food properly. Thai sauce: taste slightly eosinophilic tubular Q play tough, not too salty and delicious delicious mango shrimp with tofu: color value is stunning, smooth taste. Vegetable dish salad: Name: feast case report features: the Swiss Rong Xiamen cuisine address: Wanda Plaza Xianyue road Tel: 0592-8066916相关的主题文章: