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They were only 80 years old can debut, fame is larger than top supermodel! Sohu yesterday’s circle of friends, is a ring of VMA red carpet once raised ~ in the middle of a star supermodel, a slinky sequined see-through dress and a radiant smile, hefatongyan old grandmother very interesting. Her name is Helen Ruth Winkle, from Kentucky, Van, Williamstown. She is now 88 years old, is the INS super fire trendsetter blogger. She also has a more familiar name, Baddie Winkle. She is famous for her avant-garde dress, and the number of people on the INS is as high as 2 million 100 thousand! Even Rihanna and Miley Cyrus are her follower~ see the old grandma’s home, as if inadvertently entered the palette Fandiao, red orange yellow green blue purple, what color what color, but it seems to prefer more pink, old people playing from the heart of girl, really can not underestimate. Attended the event, a large shot also love to wear powder ~ and GAGA, Baddie with the love of the thick soled shoes, but also particularly fond of the rainbow dress, she didn’t know what to think of LGBT in this group? Self love, scissors hand play in front of the camera to 6666~ adorable pout, a funny skill is not lost to the young girl, but also fashion shoot large! This group of California tide brand Dimepiece 2015 spring and summer advertising, Baddie continues her relaxed and lively style of jumping. If you think she’s always been this style, you’re wrong! A few years ago, Baddie’s husband and son died. Sense of life and change constantly after she decided to change his There’s no telling. First of all, from the shape began to change, from now on, her dress style more avant-garde, color is also more bold. She says the change will help her rediscover herself and connect with her family more interesting. She said: "I want to be a role model for the elderly, only once in life, to enjoy." And her stylist, is her great granddaughter Kennedy. She said she was very helpful in picking clothes. As for the Internet who disapprove of her style of dress, Baddie straightforward response: you don’t love "old woman" clothes, did not wear that kind of clothes. What a cool attitude to life! The fashion circle granny will not stop a Baddie, you know all the old supermodel Iris Apfel. She was at the age of 80 for personal collection, called a sensation! Yesterday coincides with her 94 year old birthday, flowers blessing ~ ~ ~ Iris Apfel is the oldest fashion icon in history. By accident, she made her debut at the age of 80. It is said that the sudden being regarded as a fashion idol this thing, Iris Apfel also feel very absurd. 2005 ~相关的主题文章: