There is no absolute scientific parenting, but there is a constant instinct of the mother – the moth ca1477

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There is absolutely no scientific parenting, but the same mother’s intuition – author | happy mother Kay Sohu maternal uncle said kaishushuo backstage at the WeChat, there are many anxious mother questions every day. I always say, I am not an expert, and children get along, more is by instinct. The world continue to restrain interference restrictions and fetters of instinct, instinct, distorted instinct. But forget to get along with their children should be the most out of our love instinct. There is love, scale measured can be fine tuned. Even if there is "wrong", it will be repaired by love. Believe in yourself, "love" the word, not what the big deal. 01 learning parenting for a long time, more and more found that there is no absolute scientific parenting. A seemingly worthless approach to parenting, and perhaps also a child’s growing nutrients. For example, we all know that it’s wrong to use guilt to control children. When we are in front of the children with poor children trying to pay attention to our emotions, when we do housework tired backaches and earnestly tell the child tired mother never mind, mother to do this for you to get the grateful child, when we repeatedly stressed the "filial piety" to teach children how to be grateful. These people to create a sense of guilt for the child, the child will feel heavy, want to escape, while in the sense of guilt driven by excessive consideration of other people’s feelings and lose themselves. But Stanford University professor Francis Flynn and graduate student Becky Schaumberg the latest research results are concluded: "easy to feel guilt tendencies tend to others with strong sense of responsibility, and the responsibility is to be regarded as a" leader ", with the wrong or difficult problem in many reactions, including blaming others and blame yourself, but the way the most constructive, but also is regarded as one of the signs of leadership is enough to solve the problem." See, too much to consider the feelings of others in the loss of self at the same time, it can bring up the flash of his personality, such as responsibility, leadership. Perhaps you will say, deliberately giving children a sense of guilt and children from the heart of guilt, but I think there is guilt prone people more or less childhood has a deliberately giving its guilt support, even if it is difficult to distinguish the boundaries. The scientific parenting knowledge here, more just give us a reference, specifically how to do, how to handle the scale measured, is the real difficulty, and this more dependent on Mother’s intuition. 02 if we say that the "blessing of dependency" in the same application in children is not surprising, that parenting knowledge and sometimes contrary to how to explain it? For example, we all know that we shouldn’t associate housework with pocket money, which can easily lead to the child’s lack of satisfaction and egoism. Housework should be a child as a member of the family should do the duty, if become paid, the child’s motivation is not simple. Maybe you’ll get a little help from him, and if it doesn’t work, he doesn’t want to lend a helping hand. But by color -相关的主题文章: