The wedding invitations have been issued near the women’s wedding Hotel call we’re

The wedding invitations have been issued near the women’s wedding Hotel call: we closed the hotel door closed, write the interior modulation to suspend business. The wedding is approaching, invitations were sent out, but also to pay a 4000 yuan deposit, the hotel suddenly collapsed, I find the who to? Yesterday, Ms. long broke the news to reporters, she will hold a wedding in September 11th with her husband, in North Road, near the booked hotel, a few days ago, but suddenly received the hotel telephone, said the hotel will be closed, let them find another hotel. Cancel the wedding wedding hotel near the dragon lady 30 years old this year, working in a financial company in Beibei, love for many years finally married in September 11th this year with her husband Mr. Lei, Yibaibashiyu invited friends to witness their love. The dragon lady told reporters, in January this year, they began to prepare for the wedding, the wedding room for two people in the north coast road, is located in the vicinity of the banquet, when she and her husband for a few days, selected a north shore road in the vicinity of the hotel eventually hung. This hotel is particularly easy to find, in the City Board of education next to the hotel’s internal environment is good, there is an open door pool." Long Lady said. The wedding is approaching, Ms. long have candies and invitations were sent out, the night of August 24th, suddenly received a phone call, the person claiming to be the hotel staff, the hotel said that because there are conflicts between shareholders suddenly closed, let them go to other hotel reservation. Ms. long said, began to think it was a liar phone, she went to the hotel in August 19th and their parents to replace the dishes, the hotel is still operating normally. In the evening, she and her husband drove to the hotel to check the truth, the hotel is indeed closed, the door to write the words of the fire rectification. The hotel management fees owed more than and 20 things "good marriage not set in the National Day, or can not find the hotel!" Ms. long said she contacted the wedding company, wedding companies and help them find a hotel in the vicinity, and next to friends and relatives to call, friends feel embarrassed and feel funny. Ms. long said that the venue for the wedding there must be more money, then pay 4000 dollars deposit now do not know who to retreat. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter found this hotel, the hotel locked the door, close the door on the property of fire and did not pass the interior modulation to suspend business for several typing. Hotel property, the hotel closed down, and the about 200000 yuan in arrears of property charges. Reporters call the person in charge of the hotel surnamed ye, Mr Yip told reporters that the hotel a few shareholders currently in trouble, about 200000 in arrears of property charges, so only temporarily, only to find another new hotel, 4000 yuan deposit will be refunded to the newcomers, but does not exist that penalty, this is unexpected the accident was normal. Mr. Yip also explained to reporters, he was working with the boss, just pass a message, the boss owed his wages, is expected as long as the funds in place, the hotel will be in mid September to normal business. Lawyers say the hotel should be double compensation will be given to the king of the two sides of the contract will be given to reporters, only to write a book on the side of the hotel should abide by the rules, and did not write as a result of the hotel how to compensate for the reasons. Chongqing longta lawyer Zhu Zicheng told reporters, according to the relevant provisions of the law, as a result of breach of the contract in the hotel, the other customer requirements in the case of wine.相关的主题文章: