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The movement and soothing pregnant backache exercise – a mother, Sohu can relieve back pain, pregnancy exercise Yoga exercise Yoga is the most suitable for pregnant women to exercise, it can help relieve back pain. Yoga can stretch your nerves and muscles. In addition, yoga can keep your posture, which you must pay attention to during pregnancy. Swimming is a good way to relax the pregnant woman’s spine. Because of the weight gain during pregnancy, your back and spine will be under greater pressure than the rest of your body. Swimming helps to relieve the pressure of the back and relieve discomfort. Back pain during pregnancy. Pelvic exercise pelvic exercises can strengthen the abdomen, to reduce the discomfort of the back and buttocks. 9 months of pregnancy, weight increases, the maximum pressure in the lower part of the body, hips and pelvis. Stretching is good for reducing back pain. Open your legs and stretch your hands forward. If you feel uncomfortable sitting, put a pillow behind your back. The chest stretching exercise needs to stand upright. Place your hands behind your back and gently stretch your shoulders and neck. This helps to adjust your back, shoulders, arms, and thus reduce back pain. A good sleep position you should sleep side by side, and a pillow between the knees, reducing the pressure on the waist. You should avoid lying down, does not interfere with the flow of blood to the baby. You can place pillows on the back and support your chest, hips and waist. By standing on the wall, this exercise can strengthen your back. Let the body and back close to the wall, feet away from the corner 20~25 cm. Hold this position and repeat the exercise 10 times. Two, the cause of back pain, pregnancy hormone changes during pregnancy hormones can cause a considerable change, which causes the ligament to relax your pelvis, cause, back pressure, so very easy to back pain. The weight of the abdomen is too large because the baby is growing, so your abdomen will become more and more heavy, which will increase the pressure on your back and waist, resulting in back pain, joint pain problems. Body posture is also bad because your belly weight is too large, it is easy to affect your body center of gravity, resulting in bad posture, which in turn increases the pressure on your back, more prone to backache.相关的主题文章: